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The Weekend Flowed Away

It was a good weekend for the most part.  Started by recreatin' with DIM MAK and the boys up in Fayetteville.  First time I noticed the time it was 0130 hours.  Got back to the house around 0330 hours.  Had a great time.

Saturday built scaffolding to reach the unreachable bits in the stairway.  The scaffolding did not collapse, in spite of having just barely enough material to make it work, and a few creative solutions to mistakes along the way. Finished up all of the mudding in the stairway.  Now to get a couple more of the common areas before everyone returns, and painting, must paint some.  Changing the original plans a bit to maintain proper flow.

Sunday was ill all morning.  Took a nap and was in good enough shape by the time I headed over to the mother-in-law's place to install some light fixtures.  Managed not to electrocute self and all the lights worked when I left.  Then a quick stop at Sonic before heading to the office to work a short suspense proposal.  Note to panhandlers:  Carry around a gas can, it makes your out of gas story more credible.  Not saying that the panhandler at Sonic didn't need the money for gas, but I just thought that if you were just scamming money, the gas can would really help.

Some have marked with surprise at what an easy mark I am for the sob story.  But I only give money when it have it to spare and I don't have an immediate this means I will have to stop at the bank need for it.  Like the Sonic Panhandler, I made her wait for the change from a five (didn't like Lincoln's smug face in my pocket anyway).  But I figure there are four points to my generousity: 1) it would be nice to think that if I was really stuck sometime that someone would help me out, 2) there are probably a ton of people who do say "no" discouraging the practice, 3) they probably really do have some "need" whether it is the one the mention or even if it is harmful, 4) and given a harmful "need" it gives them a chance to step up to the plate, make a decision, and hopefully take a step in the right direction.

Some say I am responsible for that money and should make sure that they really are not going to do something bad with it.  And in many ways those people are right.  But I also think that there is room for someone to give the other guy a shot at doing the right thing.  That said, if I find out the Sonic Panhandler bought the gas, the doused her famliy and torched the house I might wonder if I did the right thing, for about two seconds.

Also spend almost three glorious hours watching the first two episodes of Firefly.  What a treat….

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Focussed Run Around

After the usual chores, and some unusual for me chores, i.e., those chores that are not mine that I am covering in the absence of the normal players, I jumped once more into the remodeling project upstairs.  THE KAT wants all of the walls textured, so it's joint compound spreading time.  completed the hallway and all fo the bits of the stairs I can reach.  Now I need a couple more buckets of joint compound and some scaffolding or something.  There is quite a sense of accomplishment in this kind of work.  Especially since I know there are no big sanding drywall phases coming in the future.

THE KAT is away along with the rest of the crew.  NURSE BETTY is in the Bahamas, and THE KAT and the rest are at my folks place in Nebraska right now.  Soon they will be Iowa bound to visit THE KAT's sister and family.  There is much livestock to be examined, pampered, named, and ultimately sent to the slaughterhouse.  Number five I think….

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The Run Around

Spent a good chunk of last evening getting the right replacement toilet valve.  Went to Lowes, bought a toilet valve.  It would not seat worth a darn and leaked like a bad toilet valve.  Which is worse than leaking like sieve because you want a sieve to leak.  And generally toilet leaks are some of the worst kinds of leaks.  Killed many trees worth of papertowels cleaning that up.  Took the defective unit back to Lowes and went with the Flushmaster valve.  This one worked first time, so that's a win in my book.

I do not think vavle is a word, but you would not know that from my freehand typing of this.  Beautiful thing editing electronically….

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Coulter Controversy

I usually agree with Captain Ed, but this time I think he and several others are off:

However, there is a HUGE difference between that and explicitly saying that these women are "enjoying" their husbands' deaths. It implies that they have reveled in their murders, and cared less for their husbands than for a few moments in the spotlight. It's cruel, it's irrational, and it's unnecessary for the point she makes. I don't care if she goes on then to argue the points I made above — she lost me when she lost her humanity.

Ann really can be better than this, and she should apologize.

I started thinking about this, and frankly my gut reaction was that Ann Coulter was dishing out everything that these women deserved for publicly wrapping themselves up in their supposed moral superiority as victims / survivors similar to Cindy Sheehan.  But thinking about Ed's commentary I was struck by his sticking on the word "enjoying" and his saying that Coulter had lost her humanity.

From 2. To have the use or benefit of: enjoys good health.

They certainly are "enjoying" their husbands death in this sense.  The combination of their (to be kind) leftist positions and the media attention they "enjoy" is a benefit to them via the deaths of their husbands.

And if Ann has lost her humanity, then she will not apologize.  And if she is right, and I believe she is, then she definitely should not apologize.  Maybe her comment was tactless, though I do not think so, and I also do not think that it indicates that she has lost her humanity.

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Archives Mostly Done

Okay, that was fun.  Well, not really, but I got them posted.  I may go back for the comments, there was some good input there too.  But this evening perhaps.  Plus I grab some other cached stuff for the old game site.  There may be massive e-mails involved at some point.

I know, blah, blah, blah, Mr. Fu!

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News Headlines

Filed under: Humor, Politics — Mr. Fu @ 10:44 pm

Basil does news headline commentary very well. Always good for a laugh.

For example:

From ABC News:
Md. Inmate Dies After Fight With Guards
Not expected to try that againFrom BBC:
Japan names day after Hirohito
“Got Our Asses Nuked” Day will be August 6


Road Trip

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Iowahawk takes a road trip through all 50 states. He did not put Nebraska in boldface font however…


I’m Glad Too!

Filed under: Humor — Mr. Fu @ 12:59 pm

Joel and Alex Veitch have the Soluble Song. Interesting, funny, and thought provoking, at least as far as what you would have to do if you were soluble.

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Archive Something



Filed under: General — Mr. Fu @ 1:41 pm

Oxymoronic statement of the day:

“The world isn’t black and white.”

Remember: All generalizations are wrong.

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