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What Time Is It?

Half past Mohammed?  It is not finger poppin’ time, it is Mecca facing time (MFT).

Yeah…. Right….


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From The Only Common Denominator In All Your Failed Relationships Is You Department

Man who received suicide’s heart commits suicide.  Oh, and in the really weird department, he also married the donor’s widow. That is one lady that Mr. Fu bets has at one time in the last day or so thought, “Is it me?”  Poor gal, unless she did them in….

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Weasel Times

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That’s Strange

Not only is the universe stranger than we imagine, it is stranger than we can imagine.
Sir Arthur Eddington

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What the Heck?

DIM MAK?  Mr. Fu has issued a holy fire support request.  Where is the holy fire?

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While We Are At It

DIM MAK!  Send holy fire onto them!

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Don’t know what they are thinking in Japan, but some store is selling rice bags with pictures of babies faces on them to send to relatives and the like. I guess it might be a Japanese thing that gaijin (and tengu like Mr. Fu and DIM MAK) cannot understand.

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