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The Reason Why

John Hawkins (Right Wing News) in a guest blog spot over at nails the reasons why the Republicans lost big in 2006:

How could it be that we had a Republican President, 55 Republican Senators, and a 15 seat lead in the House, yet we still had a massive deficit, a Republican led amnesty for illegal aliens push, and someone like Harriet Miers being nominated to the Supreme Court? Just when did the Republican Party become the sort of party that supported projects like the “Bridge to Nowhere,” and expensive big government programs like the Medicare Prescription drug plan? When did we stop being the party of Reagan and become the Party of compassionate conservatism?

Right on, brother


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Vote for Lileks (AKA METAPHOR)

A vote for James is a vote for freedom, America, Mom, and apple-pie.  Or maybe not Mom if you two don’t get along so well.  But a vote for James will always be a vote for apple pie.  Oh, yes!

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Weekend Good

Yes, the weekend was good, and mostly work free.  Except for the vacuuming and floor scrubbing.  PORTHOS and SINGER dropped by for a visit with EM&M.  Zombies! was the name of the game, and it was a hoot, with THE KAT being the top zombie killer.  THE KAT, CLONE RED, and Mr. Fu played again last night with CLONE RED escaping on the helicopter.  The game is a heck of a lot of fun.

Life continues well apace.  Mr. Fu is eye balling the next set of household tasks, planning the assault of the work that is left.  Room painting, trim installion, light switch wiring, tile grouting, a little dry wall, and some other odds and ends that have been waiting patiently.

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The Pressure is Off

The house is now complete painted painted on the outside.  The Christmas lights have been hung.  Now returns the free time that is so sweet, along with sleep and the lack of exhaustion at the end of the day.  DIM MAK is hosting a game tonight.  PORTHOS and SINGER are hosting tomorrow night.  CAPTAIN FU will be down for a visit in the middle of the month.  We will be travelling to see the entire Fu clan for Christmas.  The social calender is full and things are very bright. 

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