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What Do they Avenge?

<singing> Ironman, Ironman!  Does whatever an iron can…..

Something like that.  But hey, Mort is signing up for the Avenger’s movie.

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Nolan On Wrestling Pigs In Mud

An interesting portion of an interview with The Dark Knight director, Christopher Nolan.

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Something Sweet

Maria van Trapp returns home for a visit.  At least it didn’t become an Ultimart.

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Going To The Bird

Wow, Hitchcock Barbie, golly.  And they are going to re-make The Birds?  Oh please.  Like Robert Osborn said (paraphrased), “There are so many poor movies that could be great if they were re-made.  Why re-make something that is already great?”

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The Wedding Of Big Business And Government

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Why Boxing Is High Culture

To me, boxing is like a ballet, except there’s no music, no choreography, and the dancers hit each other.
Jack Handey

It reminds Mr. Fu of REPSLEH MIJ’s story of his artsy-fartsy girlfriend back in the day making him go see the latest Martin Scorsese film.  She was gushing about how great a director Scorsese was and the art of it all.  So REPSLEH, being a man’s man for all his being a freak in those days, was looking forward to this like root canal without the benefit of anesthesia or liquor.  They get into the theater, girlfriend still gushing, and the film starts rolling.  Taxi Driver. REPSLEH is in hog heaven, “It was like a Sam Peckinpah movie!”

Girlfriend squirms, cannot believe her beloved Scorsese has done such a thing and she wants to leave.  REPSLEH is having none of it, he is staying until the credits have rolled.  The relationship did not last long after that….

Taxi Driver, where ballet meets boxing.

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Topic Of The Day: Crystal Skulls

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