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Seeing Wodehouse in Politics

Very good.

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Wishful Thinking, Lunatic!

Some chowderhead is predicting that global warming will fold the red state areas in a few years and end red state influence in politics and save America from the Right:

So what we see is that huge swaths of conservative America are set to face a biblical deluge in a few more presidential cycles.

Mr. Fu suggests, Mr. Lindroff, that you best pray to your big, fluffy Earth mother that this does not happen. Far from just disappearing we will be pouring into the “safe” blue states. You think that Mexicans come across the border in droves? Just wait until a bunch of red-necks start immigrating into your neighborhood with their rifles and shotguns, pursuing the fleeing game populations. As the song says, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet, Herr Comrade Communist!

Mr Fu is in a feisty mood tonight boys and girls. When will you Leftists learn, we will not just fade into the woodwork? On the Right you are dealing with a huge number of military personnel, engineers, tradesmen, craftsmen, hunters, farmers, and others skilled in surviving the situations that you sissy boys only see on TV. When push comes to shove we will not go gently into that good night. Best not be between us and anything we value when TSHTF.

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Analysis Indicates Fred

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God Protects Children, and the Foolish

It is great that the Dominguez’s were rescued and are alive, mostly intact.  It is really great that they have faith in Christ Jesus.  But they need to get a little more education before they venture out of the house and get going on that trip to heaven.  It *is* a miracle they survived, given how utterly clueless and unprepared they were.  Nature is pretty unforgiving about stupidity, fortunately God is not so callous.  He is pretty keen on advocating the acquisition knowledge and wisdom.  Try to invest in both.

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Protecting Americans, At Home and Abroad

The United States Navy to the rescue.  Typical Navy, running around saving everyone. 😉

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Harry Reid — Politician

Politician rates somewhere lower than your friendly neighborhood crack dealer in the hierarchy of undesirables.  This bit reports on his keeping Congress in session over the holidays to avoid Bush making recess appointments.  I loved Reply #3:

Reply 3 – Posted by: glcinpdx, 12/19/2007 9:44:41 PM
Ha, #1, I was thinking of him as a creepy little worm. Either way, Reid is a class A slimeball. NOW, if the Pubbies had any stones, they would have a couple of Republican senators show up and demand a quorum call, and seeing no quorum present, move to adjourn and outvote the Dim 2 to 1.

Jeff Sessions?  Richard Shelby?  Care to take a dump in Harry’s chair while he is gone?  Sweet home Alabama!

Mr. Fu will even supply a list of names to Bush for whatever positions he wants filled.  We can shut’em down with the best of ’em.  Mr. Fu has some guys that would make serious hanging judges.

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Loss of Shame

Where did honor go?

We forge ahead with our day to day routine, bumping into each other along the way like in pinball machines back in the day when you could manually feed all five balls into play.  Mr. Fu thinks that many people are quite courteous, perhaps most.  But there is a growing red tide of impolite, inconsiderate, unthinking humanity out there.

We were headed down the road last evening, some one in a van pulled out in front of one of the cars ahead, causing the car to roughly apply the brakes and honk.   The car continued down the road about 500 feet, slowed for a left hand turn, then swerved across the lane in front of an oncoming vehicle, causing the third vehicle to slam on their brakes and honk.  How much people forget in the intervening 500 feet.

FOGHORN describes a quaint family scene, right out of Shogun or something:

A total failure, all around. One of those meals where you apologize to your family with red-faced shame, then retire to a corner, light a candle, apologize to your ancestors, tie a sash around your forehead, and open your belly with a knife.

FOGHORN is getting to be a rare bird indeed.  He did not create the elements leading to a disastrous meal, but he still felt shame that it did not turn out well.  Too many people would just pass it off onto someone else, and would not “take ownership” (a little corporate lingo) of the situation.

Shame, remorse, kindness, forgiveness, tolerance, self-respect and honor are traits that lubricate the frictional interactions of human beings.   Too many lack the capacity for these traits, and they drive the shrill pitch of man grating against man to an even more unbearable whine.  Each break in the chain makes it harder for the decent people to recognize each other and accentuate the positive.

Mr. Fu regards one of the great Yankee sins was the elimination of dueling.  When the smallest slight could be raised to the level of killing one another, it makes it easier to apologize for the slights.  Sure, some decent people would be getting gunned down.  But how many decent people would be gunning for the abusive miscreant?  More than they could withstand.  Mr. Fu knows plenty of good, honest pistoleros that would cut a bloody swath through the ne’er do wells of our society.  Mr. Fu would pledge his sword to that cause.

And certainly the idea that you could be gunned down for spouting off a stupid opinion would likely stifle the free expression of stupid opinions.  We could use a lot more of that.  Mr. Fu included….

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