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Positive Social Intentions

While threading through Wikipedia (looking for Elizabeth Ryan references)  Mr. Fu found his way to an article on the Beat Generation.  The article featured an interesting phrase, “positive social intentions.”  The members of the Beat Generation and their near fellow travelers the Hippies are often credited with all manner of positive social intentions.  Some of them even brag about such positive social intentions like recreational drug use and casual sex.

It makes Mr. Fu wonder though why the positive social intentions of so many pro-Communist types are portrayed in the mainstream media as good, while the positive social intentions of Christians is portrayed as bad.  Intentions are all well and good, but often the outcome of such pro-Communist intentions is nearly always such a big negative for social impact.  One has to wonder when the judgement and intellectual capabilities of those with positive social intentions and negative social impacts will be questioned.

Mr. Fu would be very interested in cases where Christian values were applied and those values had a negative social impact.


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He Never Writes Anymore

As a matter of fact Mr. Fu writes even less.  Mr. Fu has been creating viewgraphs and documents.  So Mr. Fu has very little writing left over for blog posts.  Plus Mr. Fu, while being busy, has not had a lot of news.  Mostly just standard life events and projects.

CLONE RED has been playing basketball.  The post man, he scores his big points on rebounds, and he has a really good percentage from the field.  He will not have a long career in the NBA, but he can expect to play high school ball well if he is interested.  Though all the sports activities will halt after basketball is over while CLONE RED and Mr. Fu join the Civil Air Patrol.  We were actually hoping to be part of a Hostile Air Patrol that would fly around in armed aircraft, but there is currently no such organization.  Perhaps we should start one.

There is a potential home theater construction project in the offing.  Though THE KAT needs to decide if the next major electronics purchase will be a projector or a 1080p LCD TV.  Mr. Fu believes she is leaning towards the 1080p LCD TV, which would somewhat damper the need for a dedicated room for a home theater.  Mr. Fu is sure that THE KAT will insist on the new TV replacing the old one in the living room. 

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News Flash!

This just in from Baghdad:  Former Iraqi ruler Saddam Hussein is still dead.

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