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In My Time – 1

I remember the first time I was shot out of a cannon. CLONE RED experiences same.

CLONE RED Before Cannon Shot

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Unusual Week

CLONE RED is at camp this week, so Mr. Fu is less one chatty, video game playing friend.  But it is cheaper for THE KAT and Mr. Fu to eat out now.  Also Mr. Fu shaved off the Fu Manchu portion of his moustache.  Mr. Fu looks a bit younger and now has a larger skin area from which to bleed when he shaves in the morning.  To Mr. Fu’s eye the reduction in moustache width gives him pause when he catches a glimpse in the mirror and thinks, “It’s a Hitler moustache!”  But it is not.

A goatee perhaps to offset the new look?  Well, Mr. Fu has done the Van Dyke thing to some applause.  And a soul spot is definitely out.  Some might claim that Mr. Fu’s heartless and cruel nature indicate he has no soul anyway.

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Ghost Rider, Huh?

Note that on the Ghost Rider page on Amazon:

Starring: Matt Long (II), Raquel Alessi

Huh?  Are not Nicolas Cage and Eva Mendes on top billing?  Looks like Matt Long and Raquel Alessi play the younger versions of Cage and Mendes.  But Mendes also does not appear in the overview cast of the Ghost Rider page on IMDB.  Talk about getting dis’ed.  Though METAPHOR is right, there are actual actresses with clevage that could have been hired instead.

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Sam Elliot

Mr. Fu must comment on Sam ElliotMETAPHOR had a mini review of Ghostrider with a comment on the Sam Elliot part:

Sam Elliot gets on a horse and then his head catches fire and the horse catches fire and “Ghost Riders in the Sky” plays on the soundtrack. That’s the Western-movie equivalent of a Mob movie where DeNiro whacks Sinatra in the graveyard where Edward G. Robinson is buried.

Mr. Fu will see any movie in which Sam Elliot has a part, at least once.  But perhaps only once.  Ghostrider could be edited and cut out everything but the Sam Elliot parts, you would not miss much.  Sam Elliot has such presence on screen, he has become, for Mr. Fu at least, an actor in the magnitude and style of John Wayne.

He also reminds Mr. Fu of another actor, with whom he has co-starred, Tom Selleck.  Frankly Sam Elliot or Tom Selleck beat Chuck Norris in coolness any day.  If Fred Thompson really wants to win the White House, he could put Tom Selleck down as VP and Sam Elliot as Secretary of Defense.  He would get 95% of the popular vote.

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Why Is Admission Of Vice Considered A Virtue?

We confess our little faults to persuade people that we have no large ones.
  – Francois de La Rochefoucauld – French author & moralist (1613 – 1680)

de La Rochefoucauld?  Whew!  That is a mouthful, or a typewriting handful.  Is that like the French equivalent of Biggus Dickus?

And what are the job qualifications for a moralist?  Does that job pay well?

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Hidden Knowledge, the Ultimate Conspiracy

Dennis Prager has a very good piece on why some people believe in hidden conspiracies.  Mr. Fu, being a Shadow Government onto himself, takes advantage of these tendencies.

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Conservatives to Tour Czech Republic Soon

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