Viking Funeral

Lileks mentioned the old VIking funeral bit:

I was wearing the tank top I wore our first summer around. Really. But it’s the last summer for this garment, I fear; it has holes, and it seems to want to go. I may have to fold it up at summer’s end and put it next to the Minnesota Daily T-shirt in my drawer – the one that’s tissue-thin, and cannot be handled without dissolving. If I knew I’d get a Viking funeral, complete with immolation, it would be a toss-up which one I’d wear.

Mr. Fu asked THE KAT for a full Viking funeral, including immolation.  It was a no start of an idea with her.  No water borne cremation for Mr. Fu.  More's the pity, Mr. Fu would like it.  CLONE RED could just toss the headstone on board the boat, it could sink on the right spot.  Mr. Fu would have a whole lake or something for his grave.

It is interesting to reflect that CLONE RED will one day bury Mr. Fu.  That is as it should be, the father should proceed the son.  The other way around is too painful.  It will hurt him, I know.  But he will soldier through, it is his way.  Perhaps if RED CLONE is making the decisions at the time then Mr. Fu may get his Viking funeral.  Mr. Fu hopes in a boat that CLONE RED built by hand.  That would be touching.  Or perhaps Mr. Fu will start building his own boat.  Hmmmm….


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