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Last Time We Tangled

We have been around the block with Iran once since the Carter Administration.  Specifically during the Reagan Administration after one of our ships, USS Samuel B. Roberts (FFG 58), struck an Iranian mine April 14th, 1988.  The result was Operation Praying Mantis.  In a video about the incident, President Reagan stated:

They must know that we will defend our ships and if they threaten us they will pay a price.

We need to return to this policy, threaten us, you will pay.  I we also need to make another policy to go along with it, we do not threaten, we promise and deliver.  From the video you see that we made the Iranians pay for their error.

Iran wants nuclear power?  I really would not have much problem with that if they had been an honest broker in the past and specifically now.  Considering their belligerant attitude I find it hard to believe they are this worked up about nuclear power.  They should have anticipated this result, but they are pushing to test their boundaries, just like they did in 1988.

Like in 1988, we need to slap them down so hard that they get very quiet for another 15 years at least.


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Men and Women

Mr. Fu is sometimes amazed at the questions that THE KAT asks him during conversation when they are talking about other people.  She will ask questions like "How did he meet his wife?" "How old is their baby?" and "What is her birthdate?"  Women seem to quiz each other endlessly about personal and relational information.

This is also the classic issue of "men won't stop and ask for directions."  Now why is that?  Mr. Fu wonders if there is so much tied up in the male ego, social posturing, and desire to hold one's self up as superior that makes a man that asks questions seem inferior, if only in his own mind.  Thinking about Mr. Fu, his vast knowledge and general disregard for the trivial events in the careening lives of those not in the Wilson Fu Circle of Trust, it is not at all surprising that Mr. Fu does not ask such questions.

But Mr. Fu stops to consider JAYNE, who in spite of the object of his callsign, is a very bright guy.  JAYNE asks all kinds of questions, and is not inferior in any way.  So perhaps there is something odd about JAYNE, or something else at work other than this theory on men not asking questions.  Perhaps just a general lack of interest in things that women find interesting?  Like reaching a particular destination without outside assistance?

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Gas Prices High?

I blame Democrats and RINOs. All the government regulation and corporate oversight that does nothing but move business overseas has not produced a single refinery to reduce prices or a nuclear power plant to give you an alternative. You want your hydrogen powered car? Fine, but to produce the hydrogen you need electricity. Do you want more coal fired electrical plants or do you want clean, efficient nuclear power? You have no choice about violating the laws of physics. You do not get something for nothing, ex nihilo nihil.

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It’s Economics Too

The Blogfather had a bit on the illegal alien fiasco:

(Though on immigration, I note that the issue is more political than economic, really. See this post by PoliPundit for an example of what I mean.)

Of course politics are entering into this issue.  But let's look at the economics too, more from Glenn

A LOOK AT THE ALBERTA OIL RUSH: I'm all for big increases in oil production in politically stable places (bring on the Colorado oil rush, too), but I think that one upside of current high oil prices, besides bringing all this additional capacity online, is that it's getting people to look beyond oil as an energy source. I hope we'll see more of that, too.

Restating one could say, one upside of the current illegal alien worker situation is getting people to look beyond cheap illegal aliens as a labor source.  I hope we'll see more of that.  Because constantly pooring in new illegal low wage workers is not really helping our economy in the long run (have a look at this).

Our economy grows in the long term because of our innovation, technological and process improvements.  Just dumping in cheap labor temporarily boosts production, but not nearly as well as a boost in production that is less capital intensive. 

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Illegal Stupidity

Unfortunately it is only more stupidity about illegal aliens, not stupidity itself:

Rep. Mary Bono (R-Palm Springs). "Many sectors of our nation's economy depend on a strong workforce that has been served by immigrant populations. It is vital that these immigrants have viable means to work within the law."

Then those sectors of the economy need to start complying with the law and get over their dependance on cheap labor.   And if you make these clowns legal, then businesses will have to pay minimum wage.  If so that just creates more incidentive to hire more illegals and the problem never gets fixed.

And you Democrats that want to just hand over the keys to these law breaking aliens: Do you think the rich are getting richer on the backs of illegal aliens, or poorer?  You and your class warfare!

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Name Change

THE KAT suggests that The Dixie Chicks change their name to The Yankee Sympathizers.  I think The Carpetbaggers would work too.

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Good Observation

A caller on The Rush Limbaugh Show said, "The passengers on Flight 93 did more [to fight terrorism] than the Democrats have done in five years."

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Rations Around the World

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Feelings Are Not Facts

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Physics News

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More On Illegals

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