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Out for Bush

Turns out the the Dubai Ports World parent corporation, PCZC, enforces a boycott on Israeli products.  So just pull the old anti-discrimation card and nix the deal.  Turn the ports over to Haliburton and watch the Democrats squeal.  Heck, this was probably all a Rovian plot to do this.  He knew about this boycott I bet, and the reaction of the American people to the idea of Arabs running some of our ports.  Old Karl is the best (or not)….


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Kickin’ Ass

No disrespect to MARINE ROCKET as his intelligence is obvious, but when a tech writer and Marine takes a PhD mathematician to the wood shed over an issue of science and logic, then the mathematician in question just got his ass kicked.  As happened here.  Way to go, MR!  That was well played.

I suppose much could be accomplished in the world if some pesky details could just be ignored, say, some crucial portions of reality…

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Bush, China, Farah

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Are the Democrats Correct for Once?

 Is President Bush the hypocrite the Democrats say he is?

 From Joseph Farah today: 

The State Department said the United States “does not support Taiwan’s independence and opposes unilateral changes to the status quo by either Taiwan or Beijing.”

“We’re issuing this, in the wake of some comments by President Chen in Taiwan, that we don’t want to be inflammatory or send the wrong signal,” said spokesman Adam Erili. “We certainly weren’t expecting it and we weren’t consulted about it.”

I contrast this with Bush’s State of the Union Speech:

We respect your right to choose your own future and win your own freedom. And our Nation hopes one day to be the closest of friends with a free and democratic Iran.

So freedom is okay for Iranians, but if you are Chinese and want to live in your own country and be free of Communism, well, screw you!

President Bush, stop this absurdity!  This is hypocrisy defined, and you must fix it.  If not, then how can we trust anything you say?

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