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Failed Programs Continue To Fail

Remember the good old days when the Constitution stomping Handgun, Inc. crowd would hold up Great Britian as the prime example of a nearly gun-free society?  Or the Leftists that predicted mass starvation if we passed welfare reform?  And now that Great Britian is as gun free as it is socialist,  where are the bleeding hearts and the anti-gun-pro-statist hacks when news of their beloved example England is not so good?

Mr. Fu does note that thankfully the Leftists have learned at least one lesson, to shut up about gun-control.  Mr. Fu suspects this is more from election losses and poll data than from the realization that gun-control does not work.  But at least they became silent on one topic.

UPDATE:  The Astute Bloggers have some interesting statistics on gun realted deaths in the U.S. versus Great Britain


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Trigonometry, Mr. Fu still uses it.  Mr. Fu speculates that if you can handle trigonometry, you too can have a successful career in the fabulous world of science and engineering.  Or at least software development.

But who wants a job in an air-conditioned office in a swivel chair?  But we do not get to talk trash to the secretaries anymore.  Mr. Fu misses Jim Croce….

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Been A Long Time, Been A Long Time

Not posting.  Not posting.  Mr. Fu has had some very busy days, but nothing that justifies this extreme lack of posting.  Life and other things just have a way of intruding into an on-line presence.  Funny that.  It is nice to have a life that does intrude into an on-line presence.  Or at least a Battlefield 2 habit, it’s similar to a life.  Actually it is similar to a whole bunch of lives and a lot of spectacular deaths, all lived and lost in a short period of time.

There is a joke about life and camping out at spawn points in there somewhere, but this is a family friendly blog.

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Even More Cheers

Just read a message from COLONEL FU.  He has arrived at Fort Benning and hope to be home-home by the end of the week.

Welcome back, COLONEL FU!

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Chief Prosecutor for Military Comissions On Guantanamo Bay

In the Yale Law Review.  Sounds fair, perhaps even too fair.  But no where near the Spanish Inquisition that the leftists want you to believe it is.  Then the Spanish Inquisition probably was no where near the Spanish Inquisition in our heads.  It was bad, but considering the historical context, not all that unusual.

Gitmo, unlike the early stages of the Inquisition, does not have any “true believers” in the sense that any action is justifiable if it leads to saving a soul from the fires of hell.  Mr. Fu would fear the “true believers” of the left far more than the “true believers” among the Christians.  At least for the Christians side they do not want you to go to hell.  Leftists do not believe in heaven or hell, so they can only serve the interests of the State.  And the interests of the State as run by the leftists are usually not in your best interests.

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Deniers of Another Kind

Glenn Reynolds has a rather biting commentary (‘They were a bit bitey”):

The debate over DDT is over. There’s scientific consensus. Anyone who disagrees is a DDT denialist and a mouthpiece for Big Mosquito.

The story of the new look of DDT. ADT! (About Damn Time)

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Holy Crap!

Like dead trees much Al?

What a schmuck….

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More Cheers

Congratulations to DIM MAK for passing his qualifiers and getting into the Ph.D. physics track.  Quite an achievement!

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Cheers All Around

COLONEL FU is on his way back to the States.  He reached Kuwait yesterday and is awaiting transport across the pond.  Thank you for your prayers on his behalf.

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Dumb Clucks

In the case of two postives making a negative, Mr. Fu states, “Yeah, right….”

Antiprotestor spots a good one: Morons at AFP really dig into the facts of the crap they post, NOT!  They have saved a link of a screen shot of this in anticipation that AFP would remove the picture.  So far it is still up on Yahoo news.

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An Era Is Passing

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The nice thing about insanity is that you are not encumbered by reality, fact, or logic.

This note sponsored by North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Il.

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Obama on Bush Policy

Barack Obama and his staff do not need to bother explaining.  These people are just out of touch with that thing we call in the modeling and sim biz call the un-virtual world, i.e., reality:

Campaign spokesman Reid Cherlin said Obama was not endorsing the current Bush policy, which consists solely of air raids and bombing of civilians.

Truth vs. The Machine has a good write up with a link to Captain Ed.

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You’re Doomed When the Canadians Pile On

Bad news for Global Warming:  Even the Canadians do not believe in it anymore.  Okay, that is out of context.  But Mr. Fu is still reeling from the idea of a Canada Free PressCanada Free Press?  What is next, a Russia Free Press?  Stunning.

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Non-resistance and Consequences

Interesting contrast between two situations.  The video is a must see.  The more criminals get beat up by each potential victim, the weaker they will be for the next victim.

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A 1, 2, 3 for Al Gore?

First there was the problem that 1998 was not the hottest year in the last one hundred, links here and there (and a denial of service attack on is in progress).  Then some of the folks at a local school has observed some interesting cloud effects that the global warming types do not model.  Now has the ultimate shut your mouth challenge at the  Ultimate Global Warming Challenge.  They are offering a $100,000 prize to anyone who can prove in a scientific manner that mankind is causing harmful global warming.

Mr. Fu predicts a response that sounds a lot like crickets chirping.

UPDATE:  Some interesting numbers here.

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Straight from the Horse’s Mouth

Read it and weep leftist, statist, elitist types.  One of your former members relates the real global effect and origins of your constant sniping.  You think you are bold thinkers of new thoughts?  Most of you are complete pikers in comparison to the real deals in leftist thought.  Some of you have high aspirations though!

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Eat that Vegans!

And Mr. Fu does not mean the sentient beings from the Vega system.  Looks like all the vegan and organic food craze would be warming up the planet faster if it were possible for us to do so (run the numbers on gaseous dihydrogen monoxide versus carbon dioxide people).  Seems that organic farming techniques produce more carbon dioxide than conventional techniques.  But they have the added benefit of costing more.  Which reduces the total purchasing power of some commies.

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New Jobs?

In the debate the other day Senator Dodd said:

For every $1 billion we spend [on infrastructure], 40,000 jobs can be created in the United States of America.

At a rate of roughly $12.02 per hour, and that does not include all the government transaction fees and stuff.  If the rate is even half that Mr. Fu would be surprised and these would then only be minimum wage jobs.  Minimum wage on infrastructure?  To quote Bart Simpson’s Indian friend, “That’s just Crazy Talk.”

JobBank USA has the median rate for construction laborers in 2002 as $11.90.  There is no way that rate has gone down, and no way that the government friction on that money is going to create 40,000 jobs.  20, 000 perhaps, but Dodd is talking into his hat.

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