Focussed Run Around

After the usual chores, and some unusual for me chores, i.e., those chores that are not mine that I am covering in the absence of the normal players, I jumped once more into the remodeling project upstairs.  THE KAT wants all of the walls textured, so it's joint compound spreading time.  completed the hallway and all fo the bits of the stairs I can reach.  Now I need a couple more buckets of joint compound and some scaffolding or something.  There is quite a sense of accomplishment in this kind of work.  Especially since I know there are no big sanding drywall phases coming in the future.

THE KAT is away along with the rest of the crew.  NURSE BETTY is in the Bahamas, and THE KAT and the rest are at my folks place in Nebraska right now.  Soon they will be Iowa bound to visit THE KAT's sister and family.  There is much livestock to be examined, pampered, named, and ultimately sent to the slaughterhouse.  Number five I think….

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