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Science Can Be a Solution?

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The Old Double Standard

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Some Cow

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Continue the Stalking

Might as well stalk METAPHOR from here as well:

If there’s one theory I hope comes true, it’s the idea that petroleum is exuded by some ongoing process, and is actually a self-renewing resource. Don’t give me this bunkum about solar power being safe – please. A nuclear reactor goes critical, the damage is relatively limited. The source of solar power goes nova, and everyone’s toast. Curse the sun! When it’s not giving you cancer, it’s counting down to planetary destruction! Kill the sun now while there’s time!

Amen, brother!


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A Temporary Outpost

Setting up a temporary spot in the great vast ether.  With the main server down, and attempts at restoring it or the backup machine completely failed, Mr. Fu has to drop five and punt.  That coupled with a distinct upsurge in activities have lead to little time to solve the problem anyway.

Hopefully will be back up and running in a reasonable amount of time, in all its ignored glory.

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