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Oooo, sitting in a teleconference all day today and tomorrow. But given the new job, and that the subject matter is pretty darn interesting, I do not mind at all!

Funny though, right now some clown has but the teleconference on hold and their phone beeps twice every ten seconds or so. Very annoying in a funny sort of way. Hey, it just stopped. I should have blogged about it sooner!


Like the Rest

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MARINE ROCKET had a bit on Christian works being derivative of other forms (scroll down). He thinks that the appraoch should be more unique.

I agree, but then my idea of good Christian music are tried and true hymns. How are you really going to improve on Luther and A Mighty Fortress is Our God? I am not a fan of most contemporary Christian music, for much of what MR says:

If I want to listen to U2 I’ll listen to U2.

And as Christians we really ought to be different:

Romans 12:2 And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

Mark 9:50 Salt is good: but if the salt have lost his saltness, wherewith will ye season it? Have salt in yourselves, and have peace one with another.



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Late, sleep now. Work in morning. Gahhhhh…


Off To Work I Go

Filed under: General — Mr. Fu @ 8:20 am

Starting a new job today. New company, big change of location (locally anyway), big change of roles and responsibilities. Looks like the things I will be doing I would have to pay them for normally (seems like M$ Close Combat and such). Hopefully this enthusiasm will last! ;)

More on what I will be doing when I find out what it is…


That’s A Relief

Filed under: General — Mr. Fu @ 1:06 am

Hey, MARINE ROCKET was not talking about me after all!

I agree with MR totally. The developers should look at a way of incorporating the existing trees into their plans. The standard clear cutting tactics leads to their installations looking like every other. Where is the imagination?

And besides, I am ticked that I did not get any lumber out of the lousy deal! ;)


Home Now

Filed under: General — Mr. Fu @ 8:08 pm

Desk cleaned out, computer shutdown, goodbyes said, and now I am home. A quick trip for Smokies’ beef bbq and I am full now. Watching Dark City and feeling odd, a mixture of big change and three days of unemployment (and no work). I think the movie may match my mood, a certain unreality coupled with thoughts of mastering one’s own destiny.

I hope all is well with you.

Cleaning Up

Filed under: General — Mr. Fu @ 3:23 pm

My last day at the Big B and as an employee of the Big D is drawing to a close. Computer files are being moved, archived, or deleted as needed. The desk is being cleaned out, the trach cans being filled up. I have worked with some wonderful people here. But mostly the work sucked. I have taken my hits for the team and have held up my end. Now I must depart for something that interests me more (not to mention the bump in pay).

I am happy to leave the Big B, and sad to leave the Big D. I wish everyone at the Big D and even the Big B success and happiness. Lord knows we hit a really rough patch recently, but hopefully everything will smooth out now.

Mission Trip Cancelled

Filed under: General, Politics — Mr. Fu @ 1:50 pm

NURSE BETTY is pretty disappointed right now. Her mission trip to Haiti has been cancelled based on a Travel Warning issued by the State Department yesterday. Hopefully the U.N. will get this situation straightened out soon. Yes, and maybe the old colonial power, France, will help their old colony too.

Summer Approachth

Filed under: General — Mr. Fu @ 8:06 am

MARINE ROCKET has a bit on our looming Alabama summer. And I hope he is not writing about me:

Tune in for Metro Monday when I’ll tell you how Sarauman has decided to make his home in Huntsville and declare war on peace and happiness. No word on his exit strategy.

And I have never declared war on happiness, only war on peace! Writers never change…


Spambot Busting

Filed under: General — Mr. Fu @ 4:19 pm

Since I rarely logout from the websites, I did not notice that the security measures on comments were actually working. Just bumped into it last night. I must say that between the plugins SecureImage and WP-Gatekeeper that my incidence of spam has dropped to nothing. Considering I used to rack up 30 or so per day before, this is a big improvement.

Using both techniques may be overkill, but a bot trying to crack the system will have to employ two separate methods. So I feel alright about it, even though it is a bit more typing for the commentors. You can always register and login, but since my e-mail server is all flaky, that is sometimes problematic.

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