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You can terrorize some Americans all of the time, but you cannot terrorize all Americans all of the time.

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Giant Spider Part Two

DIM MAK was wondering why Mr. Fu had not posted any pictures of the giant spider.  That prompted Mr. Fu to capture the spider when the spider revealed himself.  The giant spider is now imprisoned in a coffee can, awaiting photographic equipment to be used to record him in all his giant spider glory.

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Let’s Define

Previously Mr. Fu posted a quote that stated in part, “People are basically good. ”  Now Mr. Fu recognizes that flies in the face of Judeo-Christian expectations of humanity.  But let us fix any mix up by forcing a definition.  If you are not basically good, let’s define you as “not people.”  Then recognize that as “not people” you may be a rabid animal that needs to be put down for the good of society / civilization / humanity / whatever.

Cold hearted?  Perhaps, but one would not expect less from Mr. Fu.

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Something To Believe In

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Reasons to Impeach President Bush

Mr. Fu has long advocated an impeachment of President Bush as potentially tying up the dunderheads in Congress so they will not bother us.  The Anchoress makes a good case for impeachment in the face of the constant lies of the commies.

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Giant Spider

WO FIRES discovered a spider the size of Mr. Fu’s foot in the restroom here at the Office-in-the-Woods:

WO FIRES:  Mr. Fu, come look at this spider.

Mr. Fu:  That is one big spider.

WO FIRES:  He is on his way to becoming a tarantula.

Mr. Fu:  Maybe he wants to play mumbly-peg? <throws knife at spider>

WO FIRES:  I can’t believe you missed.

Mr. Fu:  Dang!  He’s got my knife!  <distracts spider with slice of roast beef, retrieves knife>

That is the largest spider Mr. Fu has ever seen in the wild.  Probably a 2.5 inch leg spread, not stretched out.

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A Thoughtful Post

It is about time for a thoughtful post.  To paraphrase Dr. Johnson, I will keep it short so that it can be remembered.  W. Somerset Maugham once said, “The ability to quote is a servceable substitute for wit.”

Okay, perhaps he said it twice.

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