The Run Around

Spent a good chunk of last evening getting the right replacement toilet valve.  Went to Lowes, bought a toilet valve.  It would not seat worth a darn and leaked like a bad toilet valve.  Which is worse than leaking like sieve because you want a sieve to leak.  And generally toilet leaks are some of the worst kinds of leaks.  Killed many trees worth of papertowels cleaning that up.  Took the defective unit back to Lowes and went with the Flushmaster valve.  This one worked first time, so that's a win in my book.

I do not think vavle is a word, but you would not know that from my freehand typing of this.  Beautiful thing editing electronically….


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  1. jonjackson said

    Post more, ya scurvy dog! I do read you but you just don’t post enough.
    By the by, (A) the wife did not know that you had a replacement blog and (B) did I hear you say something about a group blog?
    Also, you should consider easing up on the login requirements. Methinks I might have had an easier time hacking my way into Ft Knox. (Machete or keyboard, take your pick!)

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