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Sunday Art Show

THE KAT will be participating in an art show this Sunday, September 30th from 2 PM to 5 PM at the Artistic Minds Art Studio and Gallery, 2652 Old Monrovia Road, Huntsville, AL, 35806 (on the northeast corner of Jeff Road and Old Monrovia Road. Please stop in and see her work on display. Heck, buy some art.


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There’s Something New

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Uncle Joe Wants You!

To Continue to Support Communist Oppression of the Masses


Vote Democrat and Anti-Secret Ballot in an Election Near You!

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Don’t They Like It Because

It’s not “warlike” and “barbaric?”  Aren’t all the soccer moms all for how non-violent the sport is?

Mr. Fu played keeper one year in college.  The sport can be violent if not well refereed.  That is how Mr. Fu became first string after the original keeper was intentionally kicked by two members of an opposing team while our keeper was on the ground covering the ball.  Coach was very keen on Mr. Fu giving back generously to the forwards on the Doane team that were responsible.  Let’s just say Mr. Fu did not draw the red card he should have.  And the opposing forwards spent the rest of the game taking shots from outside the penalty box.  Mr. Fu’s insanity was confirmed that season….

I believe PUNKTURE can relate stories of broken bones and concussions.  He had suffered so many concussions that even Mr. Fu’s kung fu was not sufficient to make attacks on pressure points on the left side of PUNKTURE’s head and neck affect him in any way.  There’s some serious dain bramage!

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Real McCarthyism

Not by Tailgunner Joe, but by the Statist Representative Carolyn McCarthy of New York:

The plan, described in Congress as an expansion of the Brady Gun Bill that requires background checks for potential firearms purchasers, would require people who have such a diagnosis in their health record [e.g., a veteran who had suffered Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or an adult who as a child had been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder] to be permanently banned from owning a gun.

RTWT.  It’s the Nanny State to the rescue by making sure that as many Americans as possible lose their right to keep a bear arms.  These Leftists scream about how you should be able to make an overseas call to Pakistan to speak with a terrorist without being monitored.  But heaven forbid some whack job psychol0gist ever had it in for you and entered data into a national database that you were a potential danger and should not legally own a firearm.

Thanks Gun Owners of America, National Rifle Association, and the Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership!  We appreciate your birddogging these Washington whack jobs for us.

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Confusion in the Ranks

Mr. Fu likes Kim du Toit very much, he writes well, and thinks well.  Mr. Fu supposes he shoots well.  But by his own admission he often mixes up celebrities.  Now most of those mix ups Mr. Fu understands.  The last one does make sense, but  Mr. Fu usually mixes Hillary up with:

Joseph Stalin,

While she seems to advocate Trotsky’s ideas of social revolution in advanced countries and proletarian internationalism, Mr. Fu believes her defining characteristic is the more Stalinesque support for the repression of political opponents.

It just goes to show you how much diversity of thought there is on the right.

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They’re super-freak, super-freakin’….. OUT!

Dr. Jack Wheeler has some interesting information:

Now you see why the Syrians have been scared speechless.  They thought they were protected – at enormous expense – only to discover they are defenseless.  As in naked.

Thus the Great Iranian Freak-Out – for this means Iran is just as nakedly defenseless as Syria.   I can tell you that there are a lot of folks in the Kirya (IDF headquarters in Tel Aviv) and the Pentagon right now who are really enjoying the mullahs’ predicament.  Let’s face it:  scaring the terror masters in Tehran out of their wits is fun.

The Iranians talk big:

This was followed by Iranian deputy air force chief Gen. Mohammad Alavi announcing today (9/19) that “we will attack their (Israeli) territory with our fighter bombers as a response to any attack.”

But let’s take a look:

Yeah, Right….

So Iranian aircraft are going to fly over which country guarded by the U.S., NATO, or associated U.S. allies with U.S. fighter aircraft and anti-aircraft systems?  The war-zone of Iraq and the Persian Gulf chock full of U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy fighters and U.S. Army and U.S. Navy anti-aircraft batteries?  The Arab nations of Saudi Arabia and Jordan?  The NATO country Turkey? What are these guys smoking?  Because marijuana takes a while to make you that stupid.  And bravery found in a bottle of Jack Daniels will not carry you in a flight of 800 miles through hostile territory when you are flying the latest in alcoholic built Russian aircraft, or 1970’s era U.S. aircraft without spare parts for that matter.  All to end up flying into the home territory of the best fighter pilots in the Middle East?

Mr. Fu says, “You go, boy!  Take it to those Israelis!”

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Paraphrasing SPITFIRE

Just because it might make him look silly.  SPITFIRE roughly said, “Stuff was better back then.  Not like the crap we have now.”

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James Lileks’s Work to be Stored Near Ark of the Covenant

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Curse or Blessing

After handling a lot of old an new grass in a some landscape work, Mr. Fu decided to head off any allergic effects of whatever was living in the stuff by taking a Benadryl. The name derives of the Latin, “bene” meaning “well,” and “dryll” meaning “drill,” as the stuff has certainly made Mr. Fu fell well drilled, rode hard, and put up wet. Mr. Fu is not sure if it is blessing or a curse.

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What a Day — 20070922

CLONE RED and Mr. Fu spent a good chunk of Saturday directing cars into parking spots at North Alabama Radio Control Association (NARCA) sponsored flying Jamboree.  We did get a chance to see some interesting model aircraft, a Mitsubishi Zero, two Republic P-47 (looked like perhaps a C model and a Block 25 D model), a Loach OH-6 Cayuse, an AH-64 Apache, an AH-1 Cobra, and a Piper Cub (among many others).  These men and women sink a lot of time and dedication (and money!) into their hobby, and it shows.  It was a good show.

Our church music director is a model flyer at the club and had CLONE RED fly one of the club’s trainers on a “buddy box” system.  This consists of two linked controllers and a switch that allows the instructor to shift control of the model back and forth between the two controllers.  If the student starts getting into trouble the instructor can take over and hopefully correct the problem before a crash.

After being well toasted in the Sun, or rather by the Sun, Mr. Fu headed over to SPITFIRE and SNAPSHOT’s place to help them move some furniture out of the upstairs so they could put in new carpet.  Didn’t we just move all of the furniture up there a year or so ago?  The move was pleasant, relatively injury free, and no children were crushed or maimed.

THE KAT and Mr. Fu rounded out the night watching Mrs. Miniver, a great war time film by William Wyler (Funny Girl, Ben-Hur, Roman Holiday, Wuthering Heights, among others).  It is an excellent piece of work, Mr. Fu was particularly struck by the symbolism of the clock.  The movie is also noteworthy for a sermon by the Vicar in the movie that should be given today in America, if Americans were actually up to the task (and the Leftist-statists certainly are not):

The homes of many of us have been destroyed, and the lives of young and old have been taken. There is scarcely a household that hasn’t been struck to the heart. And why? Surely you must have asked yourself this question. Why in all conscience should these be the ones to suffer? Children, old people, a young girl at the height of her loveliness. Why these? Are these our soldiers? Are these our fighters? Why should they be sacrificed? I shall tell you why. Because this is not only a war of soldiers in uniform. It is a war of the people, of all the people, and it must be fought not only on the battlefield, but in the cities and in the villages, in the factories and on the farms, in the home, and in the heart of every man, woman, and child who loves freedom! Well, we have buried our dead, but we shall not forget them. Instead they will inspire us with an unbreakable determination to free ourselves and those who come after us from the tyranny and terror that threaten to strike us down. This is the people’s war! It is our war! We are the fighters! Fight it then! Fight it with all that is in us, and may God defend the right.

Unfortunately, in the current conflict, most Americans are just at the Mall.

But it was a great day.  Most of them these side of the dirt nap are.  Or you need to make them so.

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Who’s Alienating?

Some hyphenated British knight says that “stupid” male geek culture is discriminating against women, putting them off of technical careers, et cetera. In Mr. Fu’s experience the main thing that will put women off of a career in many technical fields, computer science, IT, physics, engineering, whatever, is becasue there are so few women in these fields that they get a lot of attention. This is likely bothersome, intimidating, and spot lights everything they do. It takes a stronger than average personality to operate under such conditions. But is it discrimination?

Some claim that women are discriminated against by geek culture. Mr. Fu does not know how much actual discrimination may or may not take place, but there will certainly be a lot of “oh look, a girl!” reactions. Kind of like Henrietta Hen after Foghorn Leghorn in reverse. But even if geek culture discriminates against women, where are the complaints and the fawning about the poor geeks who are discriminated against by women? Many geeks need to accumulate a lot of money for women take them seriously.

Before money:

After money:


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A Phrase We Have Not Heard In A While

In the Wikipedia entry on Archibald Butt, Mr. Fu finds:

“TAFT TOSSES BALL,” announced The Washington Post. “Crowd Cheers President’s Fine Delivery of the Sphere.”

What a phrase, “Fine Delivery of the Sphere.”

“Tom Glavine executed a fine delivery of the sphere.”

“His normal fine delivery of the sphere has gone awry, and the batter takes one to the noggin.”

Somehow it will not make the morning papers.

“Sir, your sphere has been delivered. Shall I sign for it?”

What is Mr. Fu thinking? Why is Mr. Fu thinking?

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The Magic Of Tomorrow

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Just So You Know

This man is evil:


This man is good:


This is for sale cheap:


Ah huh….  Believing does not make it true.

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Back Online

For an entire 24 hours the Fu Family was without internet connection in the home.  Mr. Fu had switched over to Knology from Comcast after Comcast could not seem to deliver a cable modem in less than two and a half months.  Knology was happy to deliver one via technician in about two weeks, so we signed up for that.

Ken the Technician wired and re-wired everything (he has a better crimper than Mr. Fu).  But he spent a good four hours failing at getting an internet connection.  The computer was picking up an IP address no problem, but no connection.  Ken the Technician was most aggrieved, apologized profusely, and at 2 PM promptly scooted off to his 10 AM installation.

Upon reviewing the connection, Mr. Fu realized he has seen this problem before and called the Knology service line.  Service Representative Jeff took down all the relevant contact information (though these guys are getting as bad as nurses pre-screening for doctors, nurses ask questions, write down answers, hand chart to doctor, who re-asks question and re-writes answers, only these guys get you account number in the automated systems, but the automated systems apparently do no connect to the service reps, who ask you for your account number, blah, blah, blah), checked to see if they could see the cable modem.  He could see it.  He pulled in the MAC address and the MAC address does not match the MAC address in the MAC address database for MAC addresses (which are vitally important in the Knology system).  Someone fat fingered it into the system.  Ken the Technician left Mr. Fu his number wanting to know what the solution was.  Mr. Fu is quite sure Ken the Technician will be unhappy to know that the solution was having the guy on the phone type in an ‘A’ instead of an ‘8’.  Service Representative Jeff apologized for the rookie mistake and was a most excellent person in all ways.

Mr. Fu then cloned the MAC address into the router, re-routed the ethernet connection, and BAM! the network is online.  Except for the computer that was attached to the cable modem directly.  Much rooting around finally revealed a cable of suitable length to snake along the walls and over doors in order to reach the unattached computer.  Mr. Fu figured he would put connectors on the cable he had run previously to the same location, which was now used as the model-router link, because if you are pulling one cable you might as well pull two. 

At 0441 hours this morning Mr. Fu awoke with the realization that there are only two computers wired to the router, and that the new modem-router link can link one computer and moving the router right next to the cable modem will allow the other computer to connect directly without the need to snake an ethernet cable all over the place.  Less wire and more available cables.  Winnage!

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It Can Be Argued That….

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What Are They Up To?

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Pre-Zombie Alert — 20070919

Instapundit has a bit on a meteorite impact in Peru that has made many locals ill.  There is also a warning that this is a possible source of zombies.  So Mr. Fu is issuing a pre-zombie alert to urge you to prepare for such an event.  Stockpiles of food and water you should already have.  Zombie combat is best conducted at a distance using high-power rifles to rupture the braincase of the zombie.  If time and distance do not permit this, then shotguns, and lastly heavy melee weapons, bats, swords, et cetera, should be employed.  Stockpile these weapons now.

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Nice to See a Build Up

With human nature being what it is, it is nice to see someone building someone up rather than tearing them down (as Mr. Fu so often does).  Mr. Fu noted this:

HELL IS OVER: Michael Totten posts another report from Anbar. Read the whole thing. And remember that he’s supported by reader donations, so if you like his reporting consider hitting the tipjar.

and was reminded how often Instapundit encourages the support of others in this way.  That along with even noticing other blog entries out there he can make your day and crush your server at the same time.  Good to see that the Internet can be put to positive uses.

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