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No! Windows Is Really Secure!

There is not a simple plug-in device that Microsoft has given to law-enforcement to crack your system wide open to gather evidence of all your wrong doing.  Oh wait, yes there is.

Microsoft != Security ???


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Censorship At Colorado State University!!!

We have got to stop this! They are threating to spot publication of a professor because of his views on global warming!  Oh wait, he does not believe in global warming.  Never mind!  Nothing to see here.  Go on about your business.

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War For Oil

After Mr. Fu stopped to fill up his tank this morning, he is thinking that a war for oil would be a good idea about now. If the Bush Administration had only listened to LT COL ROCK STARBUSTER we would not be paying more than $30 for a barrel of oil right now.

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500 Posts

According to Mr. Fu’s Wilson Fu dashboard, we have reached the 500 post mark.

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Damn Commies!

Did Gorbachev put out a contract on John Paul II?  Mr. Fu would not be surprised, the communist bastards.  At least they knew who their real enemies were.  Not like he was putting out contracts on Ted Kennedy or Jimmy Carter.

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Yet Another Reason Why CNN Sucks

They interview one of their reporters and call it news.  WTFreak is that about?  Sure Christiane Amanpour is CNN’s chief international correspondent, but that makes her a news event how?  Who gives a tinker’s dam about her opinion anyway?  So Syria and North Korea are in cahoots and she wonders if the Bush Administration is going to try to use it as a stick?  Well, duh.  And the Yankees are going to try to win the pendant this year.  Big news flash that!

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Meet Obama’s Buddies

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