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The Return of Fu

After some hassle in transfering the domain, forwarding to this decreasingly temporary blog has resumed.  I had grown a bit weary of the wilsonfu domain as of late.  But I reluctantly decided to renew it anyway.  But in the process I picked up a couple of other domains that I hope to bring online in the near future.  Hopefully they will be far more fun and entertaining.  To me anyway.  Perhaps it will even inspire a resurgence of wilsonfu blogging and allied input.  Perhaps a group blog to diversify the base of wilsonfu talent.  Who knows?


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Quote from BRUCIFER

Just to record it for posterity, BRUCIFER says, "I drink two kinds of beer: cold and free."

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Tancredo for President

I agree with Joseph Farrah.  Tom Tancredo looks like the only viable freedom candidate in the country right now, especially on the illegal alien front.  Heck, when Tom Osborne cannot win a primary in Nebraska and he says it was partly because of the illegal alien issue, then it is a do or die issue.

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An Ideal or Two

In my last post I described my ideal politician as "true freedom promoting, small government, tax cutting Republicans."  This is not to say that all Republicans meet this ideal, or that no Democrats fit the mold (though of those currently about I can only think of Zell Miller). Just remember: "All generalizations are wrong."
Another stereo type is that right wing Christians seek to impose their beliefs upon others through legislation or to deny other freedom of choice in thought, opinion, or religious matters.  Becoming a Christian is a free choice, a conscious decision that God lets us make on our own.  The freedom to choose for God also carries the freedom to reject God.  If God gives us the freedom to choose in this matter, it would be rather disingenuous for a Christian to seek to interfere with this freedom.

But I do believe anyone making a decision of any magnitude or impact should have all the information available to make an informed decision.  One should hear that the choice for or against God carries the consequences, assuming the correctness of the Christian viewpoint, of arriving in heaven or hell after death.  One should hear that when choosing an abortion the benefits and dangers of an abortion, both physical and mental.  When choosing whether to try to restrict firearm possession by citizens one should know the dangers of owning a firearm and the benefit of being able to defend yourself when the police do not respond immediately.

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The Incumbent Factor

Bill Quick pointed to a Jim Geraghty piece that says:

But apparently the Kos are not the only ones with an all-or-nothing mentality. Sometimes in life you have to use the West Coast offense, nickel and diming your way down the field instead of going for the long bomb. If I want a more conservative government, I get it by electing the more conservative of the two choices, even if he isn’t as conservative as I would like. I do not get it by sitting on the sidelines and pouting, and letting the less conservative guy take the reigns of power.

What Mr. Geraghty misses is that when you elect a less than conservative politician to office the politician becomes an incumbent party anchor that is almost always harder to dislodge from within the party than an opposing party member is to dislodge from office.  Incumbency within a party is a 99% winner.  At least an opposition party member can be directly opposed with polarized views that are greater differentiators than can usually be achieved within the same party.

That is why booting the RINOs now has such appeal.  Let the Democrats have a big run up and make even more stupid mistakes.  Without more RINOs muddying the waters everyone will have a clear choice between collectivist Democrats and true freedom promoting, small government, tax cutting Republicans.

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Their Next Suggestion

Hastert is going nuts about a search conducted of William Jefferson's congressional office pursuant to a legal warrant, as Bill Quick notes:

And then, of course, Hastert, who seems to think the House is imperially immune to any challenge to its right to steal as much as it can get its hands on, as long as it stashes the cash in the halls and offices of Congress. What is this? Some sort of divine right of representative to rape, pillage, and plunder?

Perhaps he will introduce new legislation granting prima nocte to Senators and Representatives?

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Amen from the Choir

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