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Short Sighted And Unimaginative

John Cusack is a pretty decent actor, Mr. Fu loves Grosse Pointe Blank. But when it comes to the real world, Mr. Cusack just lacks something in his view of the world:

“But right now, when you think that we’ve out sourced everything to interrogation, which means torture is a cost-plus enterprise, I think you can see a complete spiritual bankruptcy to this whole neo-con movement. It’s a nightmare beyond anything you can really imagine.”

Perhaps it is beyond anything you can really imagine, Mr. Cusack. But we have actually cracked a few history books, watched a few documentaries, and talked to some people that have lived in the Communist nightmares that many in your social circle actively promote. Frankly the realities of your own Communist Utopian ideas are nightmares far beyond the nightmare that you imagine are created by incompetent neocons.


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CAFE Standards Suck

Not only it is more government interference in the free market, but it is forcing product changes that have unintended consequences.  All these new exotic materials, coupled with a higher rate of total loss vehicles, leads to more junk going into landfills and more pieces that are not recyclable.  Is that good for the environment?

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Theological Thought Of The Day


Possible Soul Destination - The Basement

The basement is not a good place to be. Get Jesus! 😉

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Imperial Citizens Must Demand Answers

After paying for not just one, but two Death Stars that were both destroyed, Imperial taxpayers are owed a better explaination than the “Rebel Alliance” myth they have been fed!

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lolCat Filk Song

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Major Government Suckage

Eminent domain used to benefit private individuals or companies sucks. It is business people. You want the land? Make an offer they cannot refuse. Everyone has a price. Let Mr. Fu repeat that, everyone has a price. Even a morally acceptable price, at least when it comes to land deals. For other kinds of deals you would have to consult Elliot Spitzer, Mr. Fu knows little of such transactions.

Another SLAPSHOT contribution.  Heck, I am just adding a label.

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Yeah, Okay, But….

Just in terms of allocation of time resources, religion is not very efficient. There’s a lot more I could be doing on a Sunday morning.
Bill Gates

Until you consider the amount of time you could be spending in hell.  Then losing a whole Sunday morning every week might be a more efficient use of your time than anything else.  But considering what Jesus says about people with wallets the size of Bill’s, well, maybe a free Sunday morning is the best he can hope for.  Mr. Fu hopes not for Bill’s sake, but just saying…..

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Rejected Star Wars Ideas

Somehow I was thinking about Breathed’s RV Catching Net of Dollar Bills. A Taun Taun Suit? Oh, that has some sick possibilities! “Get out! I’m sleeping in here!” “Kid found frozen to death inside oftoy suit. Film at eleven.”

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It Just Needed Killin’

Six endangered species, and they should not be, they should all be dead.  They just need killin’.  (WARNING! FOUL LANGUAGE)

The hint to the panda elimination plan is just precious.  Or grotesque and sure to work.  Labeled “Politics” because of references to the damn Yankee PETA bunch and their support of oxygen swilling, oxygen generator killing animals that produce greenhouse gases.  Save the planet, eat a vegetarian.  Heck, they could be species endangering humanitarians to boot (cannibalistic bastards!).

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Tokyo Rose

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Your Friendly Bureaucrat Medical Expert

The kind of interesting mistakes that bureaucrats make, with the killer line:

A vote for Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton is a vote to put these people in charge of your health care.

It reminds Mr. Fu of an exchange he once had with a Federal bureaucrat:

Mr. Fu:  So you are telling Mr. Fu you will not provide Mr. Fu the information to which Mr. Fu is legally entitled.  What if Mr. Fu obtained a court order, would he get the informationthen?

Bureaucrat:  No, not even with a court order.

Mr. Fu:  Did Mr. Fu wake up in Soviet Russia this morning?  Are you seriously telling Mr. Fu that you will disobey a court order?   Mr. Fu needs to speak to your supervisor immediately.

Fortunately the Bureaucrat’s supervisor was far more law abiding, diplomatic, and helpful.  Now imagine this sort of exchange when you need to get some medical treatment.

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Whoa, Hoa, Wow!

This is not an endorsement or approval by Mr. Fu, but wow, this man can lay it out!  You can visit the Rev.Dr. Manning’s web site here.  Judge for yourself….

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A Man’s Got To Know His Limitations

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They Promise Progress

But do they deliver?  For WomenFor MinoritiesOr just for their own power?

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Surprise Of Another Kind!

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What You Gonna Do Now?

Okay, slavery is back in the news.  Finally, something those damn Yankees and Mr. Fu can agree on.  Let’s go stop this crap, okay?  Come on!  Let’s go!  What are you waiting for?  America needs your leadership.

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The Sacrifice of a Grandmother

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Will McCain Lock Her Up?

Casey Knowles speaks out against the 3 AM Hillary ad in which she is the little girl in bed, supposedly taken from stock footage.  She specifically endorses Barack Obama.  Is she in violation of McCain-Feingold for a political ad within 30 days of a primary?  It would be interesting if McCain had passed a law that gets a pre-teenage girl arrested on behalf of Hillary.  Now if he would just make all of Bill’s bimbos go away Hillary would probably make McCain her running mate in November.

As far as Casey’s opinion goes, when should we start caring about the political opinion of a twelve year old?  She, or at least her parents, were paid for the footage, and signed away any further rights in its regard.  Does the fact that a child actor bites the hand that fed her constitute any reason why her opinion on the subject matters?  Perhaps if the footage used use in some exploitative fashion she might have a point, but is not like we were all saying, “Hey look!  It is Casey Knowles!  Has she abandoned her support for Barack in favor of Hillary now?”

Why is Mr. Fu even writing this?  Dang, he must be bored of the political process.  Perhaps like Barack’s grandmother he is a typical white person or something.  Perhaps Barack harboring some stereotypes of his own?

To use another’s paraphrase of Princess Leia, “Help us Zombie Reagan, you’re our only hope!

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How True

Against logic there is no armor like ignorance.
Laurence J. Peter

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Blog Site Name Of The Day

doubleplusundead.  Pointing out all the horrors of a totalitarian state run by an necromancer.  There is a campaign idea right there.

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