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What Are We Missing?

Some say that U.S. businesses and U.S. consumers want low cost illegal alien labor.  But I reflect on the Industrial Revolution, it began in England, and flourished in the U.S.  Why?  Because England had no shortage of labor, and the labor guilds fought mechanization tooth and nail based on the idea that it would drive them out of their jobs (which it would, while simultaneously creating more jobs).  But in the labor starved U.S. the idea took off.   Having a machine that would do the work of ten laborers was a bargain if you did not have ten laborers to start.

Illegal aliens provide cheap labor.  But what invention are we not getting because of the mistaken idea that illegal alien labor is saving us money?  A machine that costs $1.00 per labor hour saves more money than an illegal alien at $3 per labor hour.  Plus the machine never goes to the hospital without paying passing the burden on to others, never collects welfare, never commits any crime, and never demands that it be given rights to which it is not entitled.

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Mean Ol’ Mister Gravity

To paraphrase Jim Varney as Ernest P. Worrell in an ice cream commercial where Vern’s ice cream has dropped to the ground, “Vern! Look what mean ol’ Mister Gravity did!”

Jay Tea has similar issues with gravity:

The hair hadn’t fallen out. It had fallen victim to gravity, and had ceased growing up and out. Instead, it was growing inward and down, and was now emerging from my nose and ears.

Gravity, you may be the weakest of the four fundamental forces, but you are certainly the cruelest.

Well, ionizing radiation is often no picnic either….

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Why Thomas Sowell is a Gorram Genius

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Appropriate Callsign

CLONE RED is at Aviation Challenge this week.  He just called (first day) and said he has his new callsign, HAPPY REAPER.  If you know CLONE RED you know how appropriate that is.  Reminded me of the callsign I earned from my SGI Dogfight days years ago, RIGHT HAND OF DARWIN.  A little long, but hey….

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Death in the Garage Next Door

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Charity Not Constitutional

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