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Welcome to the United Saudi America

Quoteing METAPHOR sure beats having to think this stuff up on my own:

The artists seem more concerned with a culture that won’t let gays marry than one that won’t let them live.

Artistic freedom double plus good! Actually fighting people who think an amusing afternoon is spent cutting off an infidel’s head, double minus good.


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Gaming Quote of the Day – 20060813

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Diary of a Mad Gamer

Al Bruno played with this gaming group far too long. What a group! Read them all, what a hoot. A sad pathetic hoot, but a hoot none the less. Typical of his psychotic friends:

Psycho Dave: “It’s a big rip-off, none of the stuff in that rulebook is original.”

Deviant Boy: “Is this an Anne Rice thing? Anne Rice didn’t create the vampire genre.”

Psycho Dave: “It’s not an Anne Rice thing.”

Me: “Then who are they ripping off?”

Psycho Dave: “GILIGAN’S ISLAND.”

The Amazing Boozehound: “Anne Rice ripped off GILLIGAN’S ISLAND?”

Weasly Crusher: “What are you talking about?”

Psycho Dave: “Look it’s so obvious that VAMPIRE rips off GILIGAN’S ISLAND that most stupid people don’t notice it. Let me explain. OK first there are the clans; the Ventrue is based on Mr. Howell, the Nosferatu his wife Lovey, Ginger is the Toreador, Mary-Ann is the Gangrel, the Professor is the Tremere, Skipper is the Brujah and of course Gilligan is a Malkavian. The Island that traps them and protects them is the Masquerade. See? It’s a total rip-off!”

Almost as good as the Gilligan’s Island as the Seven Deadly Sins.

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Painting Stops

Phase One of the painting project has been completed.  It looks good.  Now for the trim work after a bit of organization work.  Then Phase Two begins upstairs.  Ah, the joy of completion!

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the intellectuals who mistake their neuroses for insights

One of his nice fictional pieces about poetic justice, how it should be.  And I pray Lord keep me from believing my neuroses are insights.

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Too Much Time On Their Hands

And me too for bothering to read it.  Some people are bemoaning the demise of a louse that only lives on a California condor:

Because perhaps, in some sense, a California condor without its lice is not quite a California condor.

Which leads to the inevitable prolbelm of the existance of humans and how we keep changing things.  And mostly for the worst from the stories we see.  But if humans are products of evolution, isn’t everything we do “natural?”  And species go extinct all of the time.  Doesn’t evolution say if your time is up because you cannot adapt then your time is up?  Poor California condor louse….

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Painting Continues

Finished a good chunk of the trim painting yesterevening.  Mr. Fu needs to paint around the windows and roller out the big areas.  Hopefully tonight.  Mr. Fu was using a painting edge to work around some trim, but just doing it by hand and cleaning up any mistakes was faster (which is faster than taping as well).  Mr. Fu likes work like this, because you can see then chips fly, but he hopes to get through this soon.

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While THE KAT paints, creating art featuring cats and mice, Mr. Fu paints.  Mr. Fu paints walls featuring uniform color and non-uniform texture.  The answer to a builder’s bad drywall job?  Lots of joint compound all over and leave it rough, baby!  Venetian plaster like you’ve never seen.  And then a nice coat of exterior latex paint.  Nothing says durable like exterior latex paint.  Mr. Fu is in the middle of painting half of the ground floor walls.  Next stop, half of the second floor walls.

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Jewish Gold, Arab Kitty Litter

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Value of Human Life

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Must Read

This is vintage METAPHOR. “Society for the Incoherent Reactions to Bosoms”?  Ah-huh.

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