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Can We Volunteer Some People?

How to donate your body to science.

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Yes We Can!

SLAPSHOT:  Well The Law says “No You Can’t!”

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Leftists At Their Heart

Failure is not the only punishment for laziness; there is also the success of others.
Jules Renard

Spread the wealth around, Obama, spread it around.

Some one has taken their crayons to Gary McCoy’s cartoon (this is how Mr. Fu received it):

Trick or treat

Gary McCoy: Trick or treat

And the undoctored version can be found here.

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Where Is Your Hat?

Get a hat, you Commie!  And not one of those Commie fur hat things either!  Those are reserved for the guards at Buckingham Palace.  Who knew that the lead guitarist from Fleetwood Mac had a damn palace anyway?

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Another Frank J. Election Suggestion

This is a good one.   Moose gun….

Though I miss the Fred Thompson facts.

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Deceased Equine Percussive Activity.  It happens so often around Mr. Fu that it needed an acronym.

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If Only!

This would get me to watch The View!  Though even if this wasn’t The Onion you would know it was totally fake because Joy Behar would never use the word radula.

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