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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

OPERETTA was relating how a guy named Jay stopped by last Friday looking for work.  She asked him to help rake leaves for $30.  He turns into freaky-asking-too-many-questions guy, wondering if her and LYNRYD would be out for the holidays and such.  After two hours of work OPERETTA pays the man and tells him “Good work, but I will not have anything else for you.”

So yesterday OPERETTA is pulling into her driveway and freaky-asking-too-many-questions guy pulls in behind her, blocking her in somewhat.  He gets out and comes up to her window, asking about more work and such (again).  OPERETTA works to defuse the situation, but it is not until a neighbor pulls out of their driveway that the guy gets spooked.  OPERETTA took her cue and departed the scene, later to file a report with the police.

Freaky-asking-too-many-questions guy said he would return today, but OPERETTA told him not to do so.  She is a bit freaked about this, and rightly so.  Mr. Fu’s advice is as always to remind one of Rule One of Gunfighting: Have a gun.  That the other guy might not necessarily know it is a gun fight and forgot to bring his gun is not your problem.

But it just goes to show you, trying to help a guy out is a good deed, and no good deed goes unpunished.  But it won’t stop Mr. Fu from trying.

UPDATE:  You were wondering what Rule Two of Gunfighting is?  Rule Two of Gunfighting: If you are not sure what a situation is, it is a gunfight, see Rule One.


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Harsh Reality

METAPHOR continues to slay me:

And then there’s this:


Winter in the plains. Coats are for the weak. Coats are how the wolves know who to take.

Amen, brother.  You have to work for that kind of strength.  I am somewhat surprised at this man’s prosperity.  He appears to be wearing shoes, and has no barbed wired wrapped around his bare feet for traction in the snow and on the ice.  That is strength….

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He’s a Sikh not a Muslim you Philistine!

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