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The Counter To Socialist Nuttery?

How do you counter the nuttery of outted socialist/communists like Maxine “We Will Take Over Your Business” Waters?   With CAPITALISM, of course!  And one word that spells CAPITALISM, freedom, and America, is BACON.  If you do not help squash the attempts of these would be tyrants to take over the oil industry, take away firearms, and tell you what you can and cannot eat, then this wonderful, freedom-to-eat-what-you-want site will be one of the first victims, ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Fu presents The Grateful Palate featuring the Bacon of the Month Club! Consume a pig and help fight tyranny now!


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There Have Been Worse Religions

Mr. Fu wrote this in response to a friend who was wondering what happened to “Christmas” stationery (slightly edited):

Yes, the redefining of Christmas into a Winter Holiday.  Like a Winter Holiday is not religious in and of itself? The Druids were up to no good this time of year and everyone whose ancestors painted themselves blue knows it!  While Jewish kids were spinning the dradel Mr. Fu’s ancestors were living in caves, only going out to shove rocks around for a religious experience.

Now that would be a real imposition of religion on someone, drag them out to a field outside of Lincoln, Nebraska and make them stack ten ton rock columns up in the snow.  They think Christianity can be intrusive and obnoxious?  They can just wait until a Druid drops a 20,000 pound rock on their numb foot in the middle of December trying to get the calendar back up and running in time for Winter Solstice!

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Your Fifteen Minutes

In discussing this quote:

In the future everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes.
Andy Warhol

MISS SERIOUS was wondering if you got that all at once or could spread it around some?  She also wondered if that was an average for humanity and that some would not get their fifteen minutes that others might have a bit more fame?

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There Was A Time….

In this country when the endorsement of Fidel Castro would mean an automatic loss in a Presidential election.  Unfortunately Mr. Fu is sure that is no longer the case, particularly considering the praise for nothing that Barrack Obama gets from the press.  But when a man who, with the cooperation of his thugs, brought one of the hottest economies in the Americas to its knees in a fortnight thinks that your policies would be best, you would hope that would ring as a vote of no confidence for an American.

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Mark Muller, American

We need more like him.  “Alex, I’ll take Firearms for $250!”

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Help For Burma? Denied!

The military junta in charge of Burma is rejecting humanitarian aid delivered by the U.S. Navy.  The two best things that could be done for the Burmese at this point would be to air drop supplies to the weather torn people of the country, and to air drop ordnance on the military junta.

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What Science Fiction Can Teach Us

This from the great novel, The Postman, by David Brin:

[A dream version of Ben Franklin opines] “It’s said that ‘power corrupts,’ but actually it’s more true that power attracts the corruptable. The sane are usually attracted by other things than power. When they do act, they think of it as service, which has limits. The tyrant, though, seeks mastery, for which he is insatiable, implacable.” — David Brin, The Postman, page 267

Mr. Fu presents, the nominees for the President of the United States, 2008.

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Why Boxing Is High Culture

To me, boxing is like a ballet, except there’s no music, no choreography, and the dancers hit each other.
Jack Handey

It reminds Mr. Fu of REPSLEH MIJ’s story of his artsy-fartsy girlfriend back in the day making him go see the latest Martin Scorsese film.  She was gushing about how great a director Scorsese was and the art of it all.  So REPSLEH, being a man’s man for all his being a freak in those days, was looking forward to this like root canal without the benefit of anesthesia or liquor.  They get into the theater, girlfriend still gushing, and the film starts rolling.  Taxi Driver. REPSLEH is in hog heaven, “It was like a Sam Peckinpah movie!”

Girlfriend squirms, cannot believe her beloved Scorsese has done such a thing and she wants to leave.  REPSLEH is having none of it, he is staying until the credits have rolled.  The relationship did not last long after that….

Taxi Driver, where ballet meets boxing.

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Topic Of The Day: Crystal Skulls

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Another Obvious Result

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Depends On What You Worry About

The bumper sticker of the day is “The last time we mixed politics and religion people were burned at the stake.”

Was the last time we mixed religion and politics really the Salem Witch Trials? The 1690’s the best example they can come up with? Granted, twenty-five people being executed or dying in prison is something to look into, but how about something a little more recent?

Heck, Iran still mixes politics and religion to deadly result. They are whacking homosexuals (which do not exist in Iran according to Ahmadinejad) right and left over there. Where is the outrage? These are not people killed 315 years ago, this is like yesterday’s news!

Is not government blind to morality and ethics? The government does not care what laws are enacted, only that they are enacted and are enforced, right? Anyone under the authority of the government is by and large going to act in accordance with the dictates of that authority (see Cracked’s great overview of the Milgram experiment, et. al.). So what do you want, influences in the government that say there are absolute morals and it is wrong to murder and steal? Or do you want influences that say “whatever you want to do or believe is right?”

The profession of non-religion does not guarantee its implementation. The Soviet Union was supposedly a godless state, but wasn’t the State really their god? Which would you prefer? The man that says, “God provides for my needs, He wants me to provide for the needs of others out of the bounty with which He has blessed me, He wants me to love my fellow man and deal with Him as I wish to be dealt with.” Or the man who says, “The State provides for my needs, the State will provide for the needs of others out of the work of others, the State wants me to follow the rules, and to treat my fellow man as the State wants him treated.”

UPDATE:  As SLAPSHOT pointed out, Jesus did not say, “Pay taxes and let the government feed my sheep.”  He said, “You feed my sheep.”

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Backstabbing The Base

When you continually backstab the base of the Republican Party you end of with losses in 2006 and losses like this.  Thank you, George Bush.  The Leftists are correct in their opinion you are damaging the country, but not for the reasons they think.  Expect more this fall when a RINO far worse than George Bush is holding the Republican ticket.  The only proven difference between Clinton, Obama, and McCain is that McCain respects the military.  Mr. Fu that difference is enough to win the election.

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A LARGE Steak Please

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This Ought To Encourage People

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Maybe The Google April Fool’s Was Not So Foolish?


88,000 UK Homes Get 100 Mbps via Sewer-Line Broadband

That sounds an awful lot like Google TISP!

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A Reason To Blow Up?

This may be it.  It is a cultural difference, but man that seems really screwed up.

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Wrong To Mourn

“It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather we should thank God that such men lived.” — General George S. Patton, Jr.

Salute this American, Joseph Richardson, who rescued his four year old daughter, Kaniyah, from the foolishness of a drunk driver, Angelo Thomas.  Our prayers go out to the Richardson family at this time.

John 15:13 – Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

Joseph is waiting on the other side.  We thank God for Joseph’s life and the example he provided.  Let us all do likewise.

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Surely Not 2

No one who broke an immigration law would break another law?  This is disgusting.  When is that wall going to be finished?  Wouldn’t a mine field patrolled at Terminator robots be better?

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Surely Not

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It Makes One Wonder

There is no greater impotence in all the world like knowing you are right and that the wave of the world is wrong, yet the wave crashes upon you.
Norman Mailer

So when did Norman Mailer ever truly experience being right?  And why impotence?  Revel in being right while all the world is wrong.  In the valley of the blind the one eyed man is king.  Even if the blind mob does destroy him, he has seen where they have not.

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