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Movies and the Tube

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Okay, not much for movies this weekend. Though the season finale of Battlestar Galactica rocked! That was some of the most intense TV ever made. Spoiler speculation beyond the more….

Managed to squeeze in Horatio Hornblower: Mutiny. Pretty decent, not as much action as some of the earlier movies. Enough injustice from an insane Captain David Warner to pump up the blood though. There is a Galactica connection is in this series with Jamie Bamber as 4th Lt. Archie Kennedy. Kind of interestin to see some of his earlier work. And one of Warner’s earlier works was Cast a Deadly Spell with Fred Ward.

Enough rambling, spoilers await….


Other Miltonisms

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Wow, literature. MOBIUS and Suzanne (what was her handle?) would be so proud!

One, two, three, Google for others…..


Monty Python on Broadway

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Scroll down on this one. It’s The Producers baby! More here. The official site here. And tickets here and here.



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Weekend survival is generally easier. Had a bout with a big sinus headahce yesterday, but survived. Survived GURPS on Saturday, we keep getting sidetracked, but I am looking at a couple of fixes for that.

Friday was a showing of The Chronicles of Riddick. Great action flick! Not a lot of soul searching or subtle plot lines, just straight forward take it to the bad guys action. And the TV room is paying off, the sound in there is pretty good, it really added to the film.

Oh well, must go sling code for a living….

UPDATE: Interesting, Karl Urban as Vaako from The Chronicles of Riddick played Eomer in the last two The Lord of the Rings movies. I thought he looked familiar.


But I could have told you Vincent…

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This world was never meant for one as beautiful as you. Thank you Don McLean for the lyrics of Vincent (yeah, Don’s probably a hippie, but his music is good, and American, snicker).

But really, I refer to L’Ultimo uomo della Terra or The Last Man on Earth, starring Vincent Price! Let’s have a big round of applause! The boy from St. Louis did good.

Zombie movie or vampire movie? Zombie / vampires? Who knows? But when a strange bacterium becomes a plague across the world Vincent, as Robert Morgan, plays a dual role, the last surviving man on Earth and, in flash backs, a scientist searching for a cure. By day he stalks the city, ridding the city of the vampires (and we will go with that because he has to stake them through the heart, zombies have to be staked through the head), and looking for their central nest. For three years he has been repeating the cycle of holing up in his house out night protected by garlic and mirrors (more evidence, okay, we’ll say vampires definitely, not zombies, even though they are slow), to his daytime prowls through the town on his quest for survival.

The story is from the Richard Matheson novel I am Legend. Matheson’s books and writing credits are impressive, perhaps one of the definers of horror in the mid-Twentieth Century. This same story is later used as the basis for The Omega Man starring Charlton Heston and Anthony Zerbe (lately of Matrix infamy and sighted by METAPHOR for his visual simularity to Ward Churchill in his role in this movie as Mathias).

The movie is a little slow, but considering when it was made it may have been state-of-the-art then. This is a must for film buffs and cult movie fans, worth a few trivia points here and there. For non-fans of the genre it probably is not worth the effort (but then non-fans of this genre may not be worth the effort either, blah). Ah, buy a copy, it’s only $6. Then get The Omega Man to compare and have a Chuckfest.


Marching on….

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Everyone is well, but the weather is pretty drizzlely. So not the best on the weather front, but considering it is February in Alabama we have no complaints coming. Still working on re-arranging the house and getting rid of the junk. Moved some boxes around last night, scrubbed the kitchen floor, and continued cleaning the concrete floor in the new gym. Lots of alcohol for the flooring adhesive and Windex for the primer at the base of the walls (and where the walls used to be). Now I need to get some good Tiffin 2.5” mats to cover about 15’ x 15’ and I will be set. I have been having my GURPS games in the gym. Pretty nice we can move around a lot.

Otherwise it’s work, work out, home projects, THE KAT and the kids. Occasionally a movie, or I have been squeezing in a few “Magnum, P.I.” first season episodes on DVD. Great show. I highly recommend “Troy” if you have not seen it. Great fighting scenes and such, though you get the impression the Greeks showed up, stayed for about a month, destroyed Troy, and then lit out for Greece. No sense of ten years of siege going by. But then how do you portray ten years of staring up at a wall hoping you’re going to catch a break and get in at the women and all. An ancient soldier’s life, long periods of boredom broken by moment of shear terror.


More Construction

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The TV room received the majority of my attention this weekend. It is now ready to be populated with the essential electronics. The DVD shelves are installed, the cable hooked up, rear speaker wires run, and I even vacuumed. Now to move stuff.

Minor work in the gym, tested out the new pneumatic dual action sander. I think my poor compressor is not up to snuff on this one. We will see. I used 80 grit sand paper on an area of the floor, and baby that is smooth stuff for concrete! Surprisingly better than wood sanded with 80, but I guess concrete generally does not have puffed up fibers after sanding.

Watched Napoleon Dynamite Saturday evening. An intriguingly funny movie, though I am not quite sure why. DIM MAK gave it high marks, and BORIS and NATASHA (temporary callsigns) let us borrow it. THE KAT liked it a lot too. SWEET THING had told THE KAT about it and said that the character of Rex played by Diedrich Bader reminded her of me. Huh, wacked out martial arts instructor huckster. My daughter thinks so much of me!

As the opening credits rolled and Bader’s name popped up I thought, that will be my character. IRON BOB had already compared me to Bader’s character in Office Space, Lawrence. At least back when I had long hair.


Quick Movie Reviews

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So quick I am not even putting in links at the moment:

Man on Fire — already reviewed, but see it, especially if you don’t think torture could be cool. Hence the revisit.
King Arthur — not the same old story. This one has more of a historical flare, Arthur is a Roman born of a British mother. The knights are Sarmatian horsemen, and Guinevere and Merlin are Britons. Merlin is a leader of the Woads (Britons) who seeks in Arthur, his enemy, a leader that can direct the Woads to victory over the invading Saxons. Worth a look.
I. Robot — A must see for Will Smith and science fiction fans. Forget what anyone said about it not following the book, it does not. But Isaac would be proud, this is science fiction, even if the fight scenes are a little over the top. Ask me about NS-5s and big handfuls of glass.
Troy — this one surprised me. The movie surprised me, in scope, in film work. Brad Pitt and Eric Bana surprised me, these are some great actors in the roles of Achilles and Hector. The martial arts are fantastic and mostly believeable. Better than The Last Samurai, approaching Shichinin no samurai (Seven Samurai), and equal to Ran.


Man on Fire

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Denzel Washington put in quite a performance in this movie. Looking over Mr. Washington’s career, I have not seen many of his movies. Some I liked well enough, like Remember the Titans, but I will leave commentary on his performance, other than saying this one was very good, to someone else.

Man on Fire is a typical down and out agent takes on the bad guys movie. Okay, how many times has this been done? All the Lethal Weapon movies, and even throw in the idea of protecting a kid, like Mercury Rising. So this theme has been done to death. But there is an intensity to this movie that keeps it from being just the same old thing. Plus the creative ways in which he actually tortures the scum of the Earth villians he is hunting takes it to a different level. Let’s just say that C4 and a pager has never made quite such an interesting explosive device since the carotid explosives in Escape From New York.

Add Christopher Walken, and you have a really watchable movie. This one rates no Saddams.


Lileks Watch

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Goodness, I ought to have a whole category for stalking Lileks posts. But this one is a must read. Take Clarence Darrow, body piercing, and Perry Mason’s head, then tie it up nice and neat. I find I don’t miss Mike Royko as long as I have Lileks (I started looking for the best Royko link, too many).

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