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Be Prepared Some More

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This is what the Internet was made for: the unstoppable passage of important information. Like How to Survive a Zombie Attack. This is a good article and should get you thinking about preparations to defend yourself against the zombie hordes.

Aside: Some may say that the zombie hordes are already here in the form of liberals. But currently liberals are not that bitey, so please, despite any temptation to do so, no premature bullet in the brain pan tactics now. Liberals whine enough as it is, and they throw like girls.

Shaun of the Dead showed that even a couple of clueless blokes can survive a zombie attack, so this is not beyond your reach. Preparation and training are the keys to survival folks.

Now locally, the strip of Highway 72 in north Madison is probably a good starting place. Many of my friends live in the area, so rallying the troops should be easier. Plus there is a bank, Kohl’s clothing store, a Home Depot, a Publix supermarket, Books-A-Million, Staples office supply, Lowes Home Improvement Warehouse, Winn Dixie supermarket, Dollar General, and a Bruno’s supermarket, with various restaurants, used car lots, and gas stations all within less than a one mile stretch. Come to think of it the area around the Super Wal Mart on Madison Boulevard has some strategic value as well, though not as much I think.

Plus my friends in the area are techno-geeks with real world skills, a tendancy to be heavily armed, and have good attitudes. We do need to prelocate a medical lab so SINGER can whip up a zombie vaccine. Do we have a doctor in the group? We have nurse LOANER in the area and but we might have to make a foray across town to collect BARMY since his wife is a nurse.

Firearms are the weaponry of choice, of course. But Home Depot / Lowes has a variety of fine impliments suitable for zombie erradication. For example: axes of various sorts, picks too, scrapers, digging bar, and shovels all give you some distance. For close up work there are various hammers and such. And let us not neglect defense preparations like fencing and masonry supplies.

So get cracking on those preparations! And contact me if you need help with your training, we will get you fixed up. Zombies wait for no man.


Pope Humor

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I know the Lennon/McCartney songwriting team was important, but after two Pope John Pauls, isn’t it about time we had a Pope George Ringo?



Filed under: Humor — Mr. Fu @ 12:57 pm

I received this in an e-mail, thought it was pretty funny (the link at the bottom has an interesting article on a severely damaged F-15):



Treatment of Women

Filed under: Humor, Politics — Mr. Fu @ 10:21 am

Regarding when she was assaulted with pies at the University of Arizona, Ann Coulter writes:

Unfortunately for them, Republican men don’t react favorably to two “Deliverance” boys trying to sucker-punch a 110-pound female in a skirt and heels. The geniuses ended up with bloody noses and broken bones.

And pretty much we do not even question the female’s political persuasion before reacting to thuggery. Or Thugeeism for that matter. I understand freedom of religion and all, but too much is too much. It is just wrong to hit a woman. I would never hit a woman. I might choke a woman unconscious if necessary, but never hit one.

Vacuums, Our Tool of Oppression

Filed under: Humor — Mr. Fu @ 8:18 am

If not for vacuums, cats would probably rule the Earth. Sarah over at Tomato Nation has found a new robot overlord for her cats.

I do not think of it as cruelty to cats, I think of it as promoting their natural selection to more advanced capabilities. Giant intelligent house cats will probably get to be the NCOs overseeing my intelligent Utah Raptor Legions of Terror™. The Lieutenants may have Dust Busters instead of sidearms to keep order.


Right Hand Of?

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The Right Hand of God has a blogspot. I was once given the monicker “The Right Hand of Darwin.” There is a story there….

Words From The Cat

Filed under: Humor, Quotes — Mr. Fu @ 8:18 am

Not THE KAT, but the Conservative Cat:

The Thoughts of Chairman MeowIt doesn’t matter whether God is male or female, human or super-human: you still have to do your homework, and it’s still wrong to steal stuff.

Respectfully submitted,

Ferdinand T. Cat

If Wishes Were Women

Filed under: Humor — Mr. Fu @ 8:15 am

Link to The Right Hand of God and his thoughts on a particular woman.


Don’t Believe It

Filed under: Humor — Mr. Fu @ 4:08 pm

Another example of why you cannot believe everything you read on the World Wide Web sent to me by MOUSEKETEER:

Congratulations! You have defeated the great Instapundit! (pretty good description of you too)

See how you stack up against your other favorite blogs.

That is a pretty good description of me….


Your Very Own

Filed under: Humor — Mr. Fu @ 1:01 pm

Unitarian Jihad Name from the Unitarian Jihad Name Generator (hat tip to Wizbang for the link about the article)!

Now this thing works people, the first name it gave me is: Brother Katana of Moderation.

Next: Brother Claymore of Patience, Brother Katana of Forgiveness, Brother Dagger of Quiet Reflection, Brother Main Gauche of Forgiveness, Brother Sabre of Patience, Brother Rail Gun of Mild Reason, Brother Dagger of Sweet Reason, Brother Katana of Courteous Debate, Brother Machine Gun of Quiet Reflection, I could do this all day (not really)…..

Hmmm, I wonder if there is a Baptist Jihad Name Generator?

Respectfully submitted,

Brother Katana of Forgiveness (I really like this one)

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