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Declares Mr. Fu, “Who Knew?!?!?!”

METAPHOR (again) on conditions at his daughter’s school:

At one point the Hispanic students came by. The Hispanic students are not mainstreamed, but held in special separate classes until third grade, at which point I gather they are magically integrated into all the social relationships that have built up over the three previous years. It really was quite remarkable. The teacher led a line of brown-skinned students through the atrium, and of course they all looked at what we were doing. (“We” at this point included two white kids, an Asian kid, and an African-American kid.) I noted to the other parent: I never thought I’d see the days when schools were racially segregated again.

But that’s progress.

Mr. Fu was not aware that “separate but equal” had returned to public schools.  Why are the Federal courts not sending in the troops to rid us of these antiquated segregationist policies?  Has not Hillary fixed this problem?


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