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Still In Need Of A Squid Lawgiver

Fisherman caught an 1,102 pound colossal squid.  Based on the beak size of his specimen, compared to those they have found in sperm whales, larger members may tip the scales at 2,000 pounds.  Of course there was some calamari prepared the celebrate.

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X-Ray Fluorescence Reveals Hidden Writings

Scientists are using x-ray fluorescence to uncover previously unknown writings of Archimedes hidden under gold leaf paintings.  Given Mr. Fu’s experience with x-ray fluorescence he is surprised this method had not been considered before.  Perhaps it was, but th article did not make that clear.

Still, this is a big win for physics used to help archeology.  Dr. Jones would be proud.


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Well Duh, But Wrong

Headline: Study: Most Americans say many religions can lead to eternal life

That’s a surprise?  And it is also no surprise that this majority view is wrong.  All religions, even atheism, leads to eternal life.

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Too Bad He Is Not Around For The 2008 Elections

Because he knew all to well what is going on:

Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies.
Groucho Marx

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An Ounce Of Protection

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The benefit of being a Clippers fan is that you are seldom disappointed, and sometimes surprised.

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There are no atheists in hell.

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What They Do To One

They can do to another.  If they can tax “obscene” profits from a legally operating corporation and define what an “obscene” profit margin is, then they can decide your profits are “obscene” as well.  If you think Big Oil is making too much money, then you need to look at the outlays required to operate in that market.  If American oil companies control five percent of the world supply I would be surprised.  If you think Big Oil is making too much money, get an education, look at some numbers, and learn a little about economics.

Taxing Big Oil profits would be bad

Who makes more than Big Oil?

Many companies exceed big oil’s profit margins

Democrats – Lets Confiscate Big Oil Profits

Big Oil Ruined My Life

Gouging Big Oil means gouging you

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Those Vicious Squid!

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Windfall Profits Tax?

An interesting bit in the Houston Chronicle, seems both McCain and Obama are looking to cash in on oil prices.  Only problem is, just like last time when that pet killer Jimmy Carter championed a windfall profits tax, the tax kill kill the golden goose.

This is America, and there is a solution to “obscene” corporate profits, buy their stock!  If they are making so much money and really have such great profit margins, then by all means invest and carry some of that profit home.  But do not expect that you will see a dime of that money if you let the government tax that corporation.  The end result will be the end of the “obscene” profit by crippling the corporation, costing more American jobs and general price increases.

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Link Of The Day

Too funny, Pythonline.

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The Joy Of Universal Health Care

Welcome to your free health care, now die.  This is a tragedy.  Do people fall through the cracks in a free market health care system?  Yes.  But they are not denied tests by policy that they might otherwise be able to obtain.  This poor girl probably could not even pay for the tests herself under the British health care system.

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Learn A Lesson

The literary quote of the day is hilarious:  “Always do sober what you said you’d do drunk.  That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.”  Ernest Hemingway.  Heh….

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Only 64 Years Ago

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Still Wondering Why The Republicans End This Way

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Let’s Have Some Pun

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Ihre Papiere, bitte!

Reports are coming in on a program in Washington, D.C. where neighborhoods will be cordoned off by police and papers checked to see if you live in the neighborhood or have a good enough reason to be there.

Looks like Mr. Fu’s plan for manufacturing and distributing the FP-45 Liberator Pistols once again may be near at hand. Vasily Borodin is going to be disappointed, “No papers?”

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In Need Of Some Wilson Fu!

Wilson Fu trained office workers would have been quicker to respond to this:

Office Worker Goes Absolutely Insane – Watch more free videos

Office Worker Meltdown Second Angle – Watch more free videos

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A Long Time Coming

SLAPSHOT digs up a doozy, the first oil refinery to be built in the United States of American since 1976 has passed zoning a vote in Union County, South Dakota.  The measure passed 58% for to 42% against.  The Save Union County (interesting ACRONYM, SUC!) group which opposes the refinery promises regulatory delays and lawsuits.

While Mr. Fu sympathizes with the complaints of some of the citizens, the question remains, who is going to get the refineries?  This is like an upscaled water treatment plant, we need them but very few people want them in their back yard.  But something will be done in this country to fix the price of high gasoline.  The short term answer is domestic production and refining.  Mr. Fu is willing to bet the same people opposing this refinery have complained about the high price of gasoline and diesel fuel.  That is irony.

There are complaints about the smell, one comment is,“Ever drive through the oil country in Kansas, Oklahoma, or Texas? The smell is very strong.” Ah, wow, you live in like South Dakota, not like there are not feed lots in South Dakota, and they smell just as bad or worse.

Mr. Fu suspects that even if they were talking about putting in a melt-down proof, non-smelling, non-polluting, non-radioactive emitting nuclear power plant that these same people would complain.  There are always complainers and always some reason not to do something that is of benefit.  As some British politician quoted some poet regarding the attitudes of some liberal, “The dogs bark, but the caravan moves on.”

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