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Could Fu Return?

Possibly, but is anyone watching he wonders….


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The Return of Fu?

For a while now the company filters have not been blocking the Wilson Fu blog.  Perhaps I can start posting on an infrequent basis again!

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Where Have You Been?

Well, a job change left Mr. Fu with limited access to the web site during the day.  But that has recently changed, so here we are.

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There is a distinct 1933 feel about this point in America.  I hope we are vastly wrong on this.  But Hayek had very interesting things to say about the ways of democracy not preventing totalitarianism….

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Friday, Friday

And the hits keep coming.  Good day so far, cooled off, lowered humidity.   Lowered humidity is always a miracle in August in Alabama, especially in the Rocket City.

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Another Reason We Need Firearms

To shoot sick bastards like the creeps in this sorry tale.  Actually, shooting is probably too good for them.

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500 Posts

According to Mr. Fu’s Wilson Fu dashboard, we have reached the 500 post mark.

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