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Could Fu Return?

Possibly, but is anyone watching he wonders….

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The Return of Fu?

For a while now the company filters have not been blocking the Wilson Fu blog.  Perhaps I can start posting on an infrequent basis again!

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Where Have You Been?

Well, a job change left Mr. Fu with limited access to the web site during the day.  But that has recently changed, so here we are.

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There is a distinct 1933 feel about this point in America.  I hope we are vastly wrong on this.  But Hayek had very interesting things to say about the ways of democracy not preventing totalitarianism….

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Friday, Friday

And the hits keep coming.  Good day so far, cooled off, lowered humidity.   Lowered humidity is always a miracle in August in Alabama, especially in the Rocket City.

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Another Reason We Need Firearms

To shoot sick bastards like the creeps in this sorry tale.  Actually, shooting is probably too good for them.

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500 Posts

According to Mr. Fu’s Wilson Fu dashboard, we have reached the 500 post mark.

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Seared Bovine Flesh

Mr. Fu had gone off the frozen Angus burgers available at Sam’s Club.  But last night we grilled up some and they were very tasty.  Highly recommended for fast meal preparation for large groups.

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Nice Picture

The has a really cool picture of a building in Minneapolis.  It says “progress.”  It says “Shouldn’t throw stones.”

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We Are Most Fortunate

That in spite of all the issues we seem to have with youth these days, this country still produces some of the hardest working, most dedicated young people in the world.  The video at this link shows you a young lady who will reach her goals despite all obstacles.

Congratulations on a race well run Miss Markwardt!  We should all be so strong. At least we can be inspired by your example.


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That’s Easy

Here is an easy question that clueless anti-gun whackos cannot seem to answer: examine the deviant art and answer the question.

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Fall Has Arrived

One of those beautiful clear mornings you seem to recall as completely new.  Though you have probably seen them so many time before.  Nice to be able to forget somethings so that it can be brought back anew.

The trees are in full turning mode, a mixture of still very green and gone all golden brown.  One of the more interesting aspects of fall in northern Alabama.  Though perhaps it happens this way everywhere.  But it is here and now, thus wonderful.

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Courtesy is Catching

Mr. Fu likes the insurance commercial where the lady holds back a guy and keeps him from stepping out into the street in front of a bus.  A man witnesses this event and subsequently helps another person, forming a chain of random acts of kindness that eventually cycle back around to be witnessed by the first lady in the chain.

Today’s first random act of kindness was performed by the driver of the silver Volkswagen Bug on Old Madison Pike at Slaughter Road who kindly let Mr. Fu into the flow of traffic.   Thank you, Mr. Fu will try to pass it onward.  You will see it again.

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That Is Over

The proposal has been submitted, all is well.  Sleep.  Blissful sleep.

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Wheel Spinning

Mr. Fu has been working on a proposal submission.  Writer’s block and lots of re-wording of the same old thing.  Ugh, why are these activities not more fun?

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That’s a Long Running (a) Fair

Jame Lileks has an interesting entry at the

Today marks three events:

1. The end of the 1964 World’s Fair. Minnesota had an exhibit, of course. I’ll post some pictures this afternoon.

How did Mr. Fu miss a World’s Fair that ran for 43 years? Mr. Fu has not even made it to the ’82 Fair to see the Sunsphere yet

BTW, ’64 Fair imagery was revived by a movie a few years back.  Much the same way the Sunsphere was featured in a TV show.

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You Might Be Taliban If…

Firehand has a list of possibilities.  Oh the hypocrisy of a couple of those….

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There’s Something New

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James Lileks’s Work to be Stored Near Ark of the Covenant

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The Magic Of Tomorrow

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