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What About The Old Solutions?

What, is hanging too good for ’em?  A Kenyan court?  What is that going to be like?  If you are catching these guys on the high seas, then the whole criminal prosecution thing seems a bit much.  Two pieces of rope per pirate ought to handle it.

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Here It Comes

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Why Palestinian’s Should Not Have Their Own State – Reason #1

They are not freedom fighters, just totalitarianists with a Muslim stripe:

Contacted by WND, Abu Islam, chief of Jihadia Salafiya, denied making any threats against Christians.

Still, Abu Islam commented, “Gaza is a Muslim state. Why do 3,000 Christians need to celebrate openly in a territory of 1 million Muslims? Any celebrations are clearly for missionary purposes and must not be tolerated.”

No Christmas in Gaza, no religious freedom.


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Welcome to the Party, Sister!

A woman jailed for a headscarf.  While there is some legitimate issues with head coverings in areas that need to be secured (and this still begs the question if it is a good idea for courts and banks then why not everywhere?) it seems like a minor issue.  But Lisa Valentine is a newcomer to the party of denied rights.  Concealed weapon permit holders have been barred from carrying their firearms into area such areas for a long time.  And head coverings do not even have a Constitutional Amendment guaranteeing your ability to have them.

Granted, there is a case for reasonable restrictions, just like there are on free speech (such as the weapon should only be prohibited if it cannot reasonable be used by the military, we can live with that).  But Mr. Fu is still waiting for the statistics on concealed carry permit holders that commit violent first time offenses.  Most murders do not spring into their crime without having committed other crimes first.  Background checks for permits help to insure this, so why are confirmed law abiding people discriminated against?

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It Could Happen Here

A Mumbai type attack is not out of the question, especially with the edge they gain from COTS technology. Especially in large urban areas with strict firearm control. All the more reason every American should be armed and trained. It is one situation to shoot civilians while a small military force pursues you. It is quite another situation if a good portion of the civilians you are trying to shoot are shooting back.

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Go Pakistan!

Just keep trying to piss off everyone.  Pakistan does not want to aid in the fight against terrorism.  Surprise.  Morons.

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GIven all the rest of the junk involved with the Obama campaign this is certainly within the realm of posibility.

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The Criminals Need Your Help

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Is Your Child In A Public School?

Then you must read this.  Do not let your child become a victim of the system.

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How Widespread Are Similar Mindsets?

Interesting article by Marc MacYoung:

There is a critically important point to understand about violent people. They are trapped in a world that is all about them. By this we don’t just mean they are egomaniacal, they very narcissistic in their world view (up to and including Narcissistic Personality Disorder among other things). All the average person sees is the violence. What you don’t see is the intense self-loathing, chronic anger, warped perceptions, fear, paranoia, blaming behavior and other demons that drive these people. And the reason you don’t see this is because they are either deeply hidden beneath layers upon layers of self-rationalization or because, at ground zero, you’re too busy experiencing the blast to see it clearly.

Now knowing this, it should be easier to understand that to such a personality how one “looks” if even more important than life itself. By looks, we don’t just mean physical appearance. We are talking how one appears in the eyes of others. Others who are — at least in the violent person’s worldview — always waiting to prey upon the first sign of weakness. If that person displays weakness, in his mind, he’s next on the dinner plate. As such they are hyper-sensitive to insults and loss of ‘face.’ Truth is, this program is always running, whether there are witnesses or not. However, if there are witnesses, this program is given an octane boost. In certain lifestyle, a ‘man getting his props’ (proper respects) is more important than his life.

He has some good advice.

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Biden’s Hyperaggression

This picture on The Assute Bloggers site is no longer attached to this article at the New York Daily News (it had been).  Take a close look at the picture.  While shaking hands Biden has grabbed Palin’s elbow with his left hand.  This is a control maneuver.   There are several aggressive moves that can be executed from this position.

It is just some interesting body language that indicates an unconscious level of hostility on Biden’s part.  Mr. Fu is not sure that Biden is capable of effective physical violence, but the energy in the shot is something to ponder.

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The Ruskies Are Ticked Off?

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Good Riddance

Sex offender meets a richly deserved end.  That’s how every story about a break-in by a sex offender should end.

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Blood On Their Hands

Oleg Volk has some great material, check this out.

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Cyberattacks As Acts Of War?

This Wall Street Journal article asks some interesting questions.  If someone used explosives to knock some of your power stations off of the grid, to blow up pipelines for heating oil and natural gas to the northeast during winter, to shut down the phone systems in New York, Washington D.C., and Atlanta, these would likely be considered acts of war.  But if these things were done with a computer and without explosives it would not make them any less an act of war.

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Joe Helping On The Home Front

It probably was carrying the plague anyway:

G.I. Joe Helps On The Home Front

G.I. Joe Exterminates Al Qaeda Vermin, No Waterboarding Needed

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Open To Debate

Ahab has an interesting point on the big support for the 2nd Amendment and firearms possession.  A commenter links to an oldie but a goodie on the relative merits of left versus right.  And Mr. Campfield comes up with yet another compelling reason to carry a firearm at all times.

For some reason I had not visited Instapundit in too long, but I found the origin of the above there.  I have probably missed much.  I missed the URL change too.

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That’s Bait And Switch!

The headline reads: “Waterboarding an attraction at amusement park

To Mr. Fu this means that they have a place where you can get waterboarded.  But it is just some animatronic protest against waterboarding.  Boring!

Where is the animatronic protest against Muslim terrorists showing the guys that jumped out of the World Trade Center, died in the fires, were crushed to death, died in the plane crashes, or had their throats cut?  Three thousand Americans get killed, our military is engaged in a shooting war with the enemy, and these yo-yos focus on three terrorists that had water dripped up their noses.

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When Bush Gets It Right

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Those Killer Drones!

Mr. Fu expected more from the CSM, but when he reads, “An unmanned US predator drone killed a top Al Qaeda operative Monday…” cannot help thinking that the drone just got lucky.  Or that perhaps drones have gotten a lot smarter and can now tell the difference between a regular Egyptian guy and an Egyptian weapon maker.  That is some trick.

This is the kind of fuzzy headed writing that allows Leftists to conclude that “guns kill people.”  No, the sudden transfer of energy into a body kills people.  Like the sudden deceleration of someone falling from a great height onto the sidewalk, or the chemical energy to kinetic energy to projectile deceleration in a body energy transfer that is the essence of “guns kill people.”

An unmanned drone did not kill Abu Khabab, a US Air Force pilot controlling an armed, unmanned drone killed Khabab.  And with a nickname like Khabab it is just a matter of time before you get toasted.

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