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Creator Of An Excuse For Wasted Time Dies

But oh what fun we had wasting that time! Gary Gygax dead at 69. Mr. Fu loved his attitude as written in the introduction to the AD&D Player’s Handbook. And Mr. Fu hated it everywhere else because Gygax seemed to have lost the vision he had set forth in that brief piece. He is credited with helping to found one of the greatest and most controversial pastimes in history since the creation of gosling and cat juggling.

COL. BOOM first informed Mr. Fu about this, which has Mr. Fu a bit puzzled.


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Computer Games

DIM MAK was recommending Team Fortress 2 and Bioshock.  Bioshock looked too much like Lost to Mr. Fu, but TF2 looks enough like Battlefield 2 to hold Mr. Fu’s interest.  Not that Mr. Fu does not like Lost, he does.  But the Wikipedia write up for Bioshock made it sound too much like a Dharma project and the back story were just too much of a rip off.  Though if TF2 sucks up time like BF2 then it is best avoided no matter how enjoyable it is.

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It has been quite a socially active season at House Fu.  Social game night, GURPS game night, and CAP bowling tonight.  This has been interspersed with bouts of utter collapse and mindlessly moving large amounts of compacted clay soil around the yard.  Obviously the mindless moving large amounts of compacted clay soil around the yard often leads to a bout of utter collapse.  Mr. Fu does not suppose that there is ever a time that swinging a pick repetatively ever gets fun.

Social game night saw the playing of the Steve Jackson Illuminati card game.  Interesting, but the shear dependence on randomization makes Mr. Fu long for the utter incomplexity of Yatzee or Bunco.  Fatigue may have been a factor but the idea that the FBI beats the Local Police Department does not make more interesting the fact that under the rules a roll of five two’s beats a roll of five one’s.  Put then Mr Fu hates Risk as well.

Yes, once when Mr. Fu was playing Risk and had an accumulated army of twenty units or so absolutely destroyed by an army of one unit, all due to the randomness of the system, well, Mr. Fu gave up on the system.  DIM MAK’s crew elected to play Risk a while back.  Mr. Fu chose his traditional alliance with EMET LOEW and added an alliance with NINJATOE.  Mr. Fu sacrificed all to hold Northern Asia and Alaska to allow time for the alliance to build forces, crushing the enemy out of South America, America, and finally Europe.  Risk is much easier to play when one has no investment in the outcome other than dying well.

There is an inverse correlation between the complexity of a game and its compatibility with socializing conversation.

Anyway, recent social events have evidenced the return of HE WHOSE CALLSIGN IS LOCKED AWAY ON ANOTHER HARD DRIVE AND MR. FU CANNOT REMEMBER WHAT IT WAS, or HWCILAOAHDAMFCRWIW for short.  It is good to see HWCILAOAHDAMFCRWIW on the gaming scene.  Especially since his last wade through the GURPS gaming waters precipitated the great Re-Stealing of the Holy Grail Incident.  Every group has it’s Eric and the Dread Gazebo tales, and while not an example of cluelessness, the Grail Incident is none the less a defining story of party member trust.  HWCILAOAHDAMFCRWIW  left us all with a memory.

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