Welcome to the Party, Sister!

A woman jailed for a headscarf.  While there is some legitimate issues with head coverings in areas that need to be secured (and this still begs the question if it is a good idea for courts and banks then why not everywhere?) it seems like a minor issue.  But Lisa Valentine is a newcomer to the party of denied rights.  Concealed weapon permit holders have been barred from carrying their firearms into area such areas for a long time.  And head coverings do not even have a Constitutional Amendment guaranteeing your ability to have them.

Granted, there is a case for reasonable restrictions, just like there are on free speech (such as the weapon should only be prohibited if it cannot reasonable be used by the military, we can live with that).  But Mr. Fu is still waiting for the statistics on concealed carry permit holders that commit violent first time offenses.  Most murders do not spring into their crime without having committed other crimes first.  Background checks for permits help to insure this, so why are confirmed law abiding people discriminated against?


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