Short Sighted And Unimaginative

John Cusack is a pretty decent actor, Mr. Fu loves Grosse Pointe Blank. But when it comes to the real world, Mr. Cusack just lacks something in his view of the world:

“But right now, when you think that we’ve out sourced everything to interrogation, which means torture is a cost-plus enterprise, I think you can see a complete spiritual bankruptcy to this whole neo-con movement. It’s a nightmare beyond anything you can really imagine.”

Perhaps it is beyond anything you can really imagine, Mr. Cusack. But we have actually cracked a few history books, watched a few documentaries, and talked to some people that have lived in the Communist nightmares that many in your social circle actively promote. Frankly the realities of your own Communist Utopian ideas are nightmares far beyond the nightmare that you imagine are created by incompetent neocons.

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