Out of Context is Funny

This is out of context, but funny:

Does Bill Clinton hang with Michael Vick or something?  To quote Bill: “We’re going to fight this action until the last dog is hung.

Ex-President hanging dogs?  Well, not really.  But it wouldn’t be the first time an ex-President killed someone’s pet:


I saw this letter yesterday in the Athenaeum, a private library and document collection in Eufaula, Alabama—just over the river and around the way from Jimmy’s home in Plains, Georgia. It’s addressed to his sister-in-law Sybil Carter, Billy’s widow.


To Sybil,

Lamentably, I killed your cat while trying just to sting it. It was crouched, as usual, under one of our bird feeders & I fired from some distance with bird shot. It may ease your grief somewhat to know that the cat was buried properly with a prayer & that I’ll be glad to get you another of your choice.

I called & came by your house several times. We will be in the Dominican Republic until Thursday. I’ll see you then.

Love, Jimmy

Apparently the image of the letter was taken down by request of the museum curator.  But Mr. Fu recorded this text from the original image posted at the web site cited.

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