More Jobs That Americans Won’t Do

Cassy Fiano turns in an article on the illegal aliens working around aircraft at O’Hare Airport. Apparently one of the jobs American’s won’t do is be the freakin’ President of the United States and actually crack down on one area where we have proven vulnerabilities to terrorist attack: illegal aliens. We are fortunate that the shear incompetency of the Al Qaeda, et. al., is so complete that they have not yet exploited these vulnerabilities. But even as a blind squirrel occasionally scores a nut, one of these yoyo’s is going to fall right into a crack and put a bunch of Americans in a real world of hurt.

A job some twisted Americans will do is potentially sell out the lives of their fellow Americans for thirty pieces of silver. As evidenced by the actions of certain personnel at Ideal Staffing. This kind of behavior better be stepped on hard and now, otherwise more will follow. One of these clowns is eventually going to place a real terrorist in a choice position, and they better hope that if something happens their role is never revealed to the American public.

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