Lileks, An Amateur Critical Review

Lileks is at it again.  Without proving his credentials for it, he continues to try to be funny in a blog.  He succeeds, but that should not distract you from the facts that Lileks is neither a standup comedian, has never had a sitcom, nor worked as a writer on Your Show of Shows.  At best he seems to have dropped out of college and spent the last two decades swindling newspapers out of their hard earned money posing as some sort of writer.

The review:

Lileks blogs about his life, then quickly jumps into the national debate on immigration (he probably touts his trips to Arizona as giving him status as a Subject Matter Expert [SME] on the subject).  He attempts to use humor to point out how ridiculous the whole bill is, a method stolen straight from Rush Limbaugh, and he mostly succeeds (again).   He then jumps into a critical review of a critic, Richard Schickel.  Lileks humorously criticizes Schickel’s criticism of what Schickel considers unqualified critics.  Lileks’ criticism shows two things, 1) he is probably too tuned into who critics are and what they do, and 2) he has a time machine, as he obviously stole my line of thought here and went back in time to blog about it (the writers of West Side Story had the same problem with Shakespeare, so I am in good company).

Lileks goes on to review the TV show 24 and convinces me to abandon my plans of investing in those DVDs of 24:

The problem is this: I don’t care. I’m tired of it all and I just want it over. I could take another 19 episodes of the Sopranos, in which all the plot points are stretched to the consistency of an individual filament of dental floss; fine with me, as long as the writing and direction and acting maintain the same exquisite quality. But this? It’s like an entire season of “Spock’s Brain.”

Gah!  And at this point I must admit that I chuckled out loud and questioningly repeated the words, “Walgreen’s house brand?”

The criticism of 24 by the un-credentialed critic Lileks continues:

The US gets nuked and half-nuked, and at the end of the day we not only fail to do squat, we fire everyone in the organization responsible for preventing three other nuclear blasts.

If that is not reality in writing, I do not know what is!  Sounds like the current Federal government right down to the soles of Sandy Berger’s unincarcerated feet.

All in all, for Lileks’ amateurish effort, I have to give him an A+.  He continues to display a boring uniform sameness in continuing to write well and humorously.

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