The Winter of Our Discontent

Made glorious summer by this son of Butka.  Oleg Atbashian writes of the lessons for America offered by Boris Yeltsin:

They may believe their protest leads to more freedom – but freedom can’t be increased by abusing and disparaging it. Objectively, they diminish freedom by providing hope and moral support to dictators, helping tyrants to brainwash their populations, and knocking the ground from under the feet of real fighters for freedom. That makes them a tool in the hands of a reactionary totalitarian ideology. As if supporting communist dictatorships were not enough, “progressive” rallies now also feature slogans backing the Iranian regime that imprisons and tortures its own dissidents.

It is continuously amazing how the Leftists imagine mass murder, gulags, and dictators within the United States, and fail to recognize the all too real mass murder, gulags, and dictators in the rest of the world.  They seem to rail against Nazis well enough, but the natures of the Stalins, Maos, Pol Pots, and Castros of the world are invisible to them.  Is it that they fail to perceive that the Nazis were just as left of center as they are?

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