Diary of a Mad Gamer

Al Bruno played with this gaming group far too long. What a group! Read them all, what a hoot. A sad pathetic hoot, but a hoot none the less. Typical of his psychotic friends:

Psycho Dave: “It’s a big rip-off, none of the stuff in that rulebook is original.”

Deviant Boy: “Is this an Anne Rice thing? Anne Rice didn’t create the vampire genre.”

Psycho Dave: “It’s not an Anne Rice thing.”

Me: “Then who are they ripping off?”

Psycho Dave: “GILIGAN’S ISLAND.”

The Amazing Boozehound: “Anne Rice ripped off GILLIGAN’S ISLAND?”

Weasly Crusher: “What are you talking about?”

Psycho Dave: “Look it’s so obvious that VAMPIRE rips off GILIGAN’S ISLAND that most stupid people don’t notice it. Let me explain. OK first there are the clans; the Ventrue is based on Mr. Howell, the Nosferatu his wife Lovey, Ginger is the Toreador, Mary-Ann is the Gangrel, the Professor is the Tremere, Skipper is the Brujah and of course Gilligan is a Malkavian. The Island that traps them and protects them is the Masquerade. See? It’s a total rip-off!”

Almost as good as the Gilligan’s Island as the Seven Deadly Sins.

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