This Too Shall Pass

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Overnight Stupidity

So Obama was experienced before the election and turned into an idiot after he won?  That did not take long.  Big surprise, the guy cannot even produce a decent birth certificate.  How tough is that?  Illegal Mexicans are getting forged papers all the time!  He has got to know some criminal types in Chicago, right?


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It Could Happen Here

A Mumbai type attack is not out of the question, especially with the edge they gain from COTS technology. Especially in large urban areas with strict firearm control. All the more reason every American should be armed and trained. It is one situation to shoot civilians while a small military force pursues you. It is quite another situation if a good portion of the civilians you are trying to shoot are shooting back.

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More Global Warming Manure

Using computer models to determine the effect of man-made global warming, and so to potentially sue oil and power companies.  It is using computer models people, not measurements.  On this basis I think we could create computer models of the economy that would allow us to sue Democrats for their impact of the stock market.  This could get fun!

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Go Illinois!

The Governor is in a spot of trouble.  At least they did state his party affiliation up front.

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Go Pakistan!

Just keep trying to piss off everyone.  Pakistan does not want to aid in the fight against terrorism.  Surprise.  Morons.

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Gov. Bill Richardson On Qualifications

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Obviously these guys have their own thing that they are promoting, but Mr. Fu found their points interesting.

They have a blog. After some of the experiences that TUFF McFU went through with the unions, union tactics are nothing less than underhanded. They are not looking for a straight up deal, they are trying to appeal to your greed and fear in order to get you to sign up. Once you are in your are stuck. Sure, the UAW got huge pay and such for workers at the Big Three. And you are now seeing the fruits of their labor, total annihilation.

What effect will unions have on individual freedom?

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That Is Irony

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NY Times Funny Of The Day

This is hilarious:

The Japanese automakers broke into the American market in the 1970s by exporting small, high-quality, fuel-efficient vehicles during an energy crisis.

LOL! Mr. Vlasic, were you even alive back then? Fuel-efficient? Yes, given the lighter, under powered vehicles they produced. High-quality vehicles? Oh please! Datsuns came in three colors rusted, horribly rusted, and rust pile. The metal would last about six months before being perforated by reduction-oxidation. High-quality they were not. But that Japanese manufacturers did not just keep making crap, they adapted and overcame.

And now they have overcome the American automotive industry. Why? Because of the two factors that GM, Ford, and Chrysler cannot control in building cars, the unions and the government. When an autoworking union forklift operator makes $103,000 a year in the US while the average wage for forklift operators across the country is $26,000, then the government backed unions are going to kill the hell out of the auto industry. You can thank the draconian laws that permit the unions to operate the way they do for the collapse of this industry.

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All Right You Global Warming Wackos!

This is not the best way to sway someone in an argument, but dang it, this issue is so full of people jumping off in the wrong direction that it makes suicidal lemmings seem shy, reserved, and steadfast in comparison.  SLAPSHOT sent over a link on the GROWTH OF SEA ICE.  That is correct, growth, of, sea, ice.  But even this article has some of the most atrocious use of the written English language, and this criticism from a man who does not consider himself highly skilled in the art.  Consider:

That anomaly had been negative, indicating ice loss, for most of the current decade and reached a historic low in 2007.

That is correct, folks.  The amount of sea ice apparently hit an historic low in 2007.  HISTORICLOW!  And Webster’s defines historic as:

a: famous or important in history <historic battlefields> b: having great and lasting importance <a historic occasion> c: known or established in the past <historic interest rates> d: dating from or preserved from a past time or culture <historic buildings> <historic artifacts>

So this sounds important, an HISTORIC LOW IN SEA ICE (doom, doom)!  But the article itself points out that the vast history of recording the amount of global sea ice as been going on for nearly ten thousand, five hundred, ninety-two days.  Indeed!  The numerous bureaucrats in the sea ice amount measuring community have been collecting data on the amount of global sea ice in the seas all around the globe for nearly a whopping 30 years.  For a total of thirty seasonal cycles it has been determined that the low point in thirty data samples should be considered a RECORD HISTORIC LOW.  Mr. Fu has spend more time writing this article to this points than it would require him to analyze and reduce this data.
And here it the crusher in all of this.  The source of all the doom and gloom about the impending man-made global wamring disaster are just computer models that keep getting it wrong:

Michaels, who is also a Senior Fellow with the Cato Institute, tells DailyTech that, while the behavior of the Arctic seems to agree with climate models predictions, the Southern Hemisphere can’t be explained by current theory. “The models predict a warming ocean around Antarctica, so why would we see more sea ice?” Michaels adds that large areas of the Southern Pacific are showing cooling trends, an occurrence not anticipated by any current climate model.

“Not anticipated by any current climate model?”  What the heck does that mean?  The computer models are not anticipating correctly?  I thought these models were created by the most brilliant minds!  How could they have deceived us so, with their faulty computer models?  What other predictions are they getting wrong?  The predictions of an ever rising, Earth killing temperature increase?  Of Obama’s ability to single handedly make the economy better?

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There is a distinct 1933 feel about this point in America.  I hope we are vastly wrong on this.  But Hayek had very interesting things to say about the ways of democracy not preventing totalitarianism….

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What Will Not Work

A summary on the basics of economics and power.

Government cannot do those things [solve problems] directly. If it tries, it will fail and make us worse off. The key to understanding this lies in the nature of human action. We live in a world of scarcity, and the list of scarce resources includes time and knowledge. At any moment demand exceeds supply. Under these conditions, we adapt means to achieve chosen ends. We face opportunity costs and make tradeoffs according to our subjective preferences. The perception of costs prevents us from achieving lesser values at the expense of greater values. Respect for other people and their property, backed by law, prevents us from shifting costs to them without their consent. The result is the market — that emergent order which serves the general welfare and encourages personal responsibility as each person pursues his or her private interests.

If government, which, recall, is force not eloquence, intervenes — to raise or lower costs, to increase or reduce rewards, to tamper with prices or interest rates — we will modify our behavior, knocking self-interest and the general welfare out of alignment. A subsidy for medical insurance will increase the demand for services and raise prices. A price ceiling will make those services less available. A floor under wages will make jobs for unskilled workers more scarce, as employers find it a losing proposition to hire them. A tax on production will mean less produced. A subsidy to production will mean too much produced relative to something else consumers want. A trade restriction will lower living standards at home and abroad.

Thanks to FLOURCHILD for the link!

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Hate Crime

Free speech is fine, but this is ridiculous.

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Farah Was Not And Is Not Wrong About McCain

Unfortunately.  Farah is right, McCain’s lack of setting the record straight on the hacks in his campaign with regards to Sarah Palin only highlights all the issues we have had with McCain all these years.  RINOs will be RINOs Mr. Fu supposes.

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No Taxation Without Representation

Is this idea entirely dead? So what happens when a majority of the voters do not pay taxes?  Do the minority tax payers really have representation at that point?

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What Hath They Wrought?

Mostly crap, misery, and destruction. METAPHOR sums up the hippy condition:

The Boomers were handed a Utopian ideal – practical, technocratic, rational, with silver wheels in the sky tended over by engineers and scientists – and they abandoned it for a Dionysian version based on wrecking and remaking the world they’d inherited. Their patron saint: Holy St. Caulfield, who identified the greatest sin in the human soul: being a phoney. Better to be an authentic bastard than someone who cannot successfully convince a teenager that some ideas have an importance that transcend the ability of the individual to manifest them 24/7.

Of course they got sour; if you believe a Utopia is possible if we just retinker human behavior to eliminate greed and dress codes and football and anything else that reminds us of Dad, be it the specific one or the unseen National Dad that rules the boardrooms and bedrooms and cloakrooms of DC, then the failure of this world makes it a dystopia, the worst of all possible worlds.

Bork as some interesting insights into the period in Slouching Towards Gomorrah.  But METAPHOR continues:

Some suggest that the great disenchantment began with the assassination of JFK, and I see the point. But it’s strange that it led to a loss of faith in us, given who shot the President. (Yes, I’m one of those lone-gunman wackos. I’m a freethinker! I refuse to accept concensus!) If Oswald had been a card-carrying Kluxer or a dead-ender Bircher or some sort of far-right-wing nutcase, I wonder if we would have accepted the Warren Commission and moved along. But no, he was a Communist. Well obviously there has to be more to it, then. Same with Sirhan Sirhan: his motivation will forever be a mystery, won’t it?

Once you start to believe in the dark shadowy forces, you’re done with the world. You’re done engaging it, you’re done enjoying it. There’s no point. It’s a sham, a shell, a shiny façade erected by the Jews / Bilderburgers / Trilateral Commission/ Council on Foreign Relations /  Project for a New American Century / Masons / Knights Templar / Illuminati / Federal Reserve / Rockefeller-Royal Family Nexus / Bush Crime Syndicate / League of Grim Intent, and all you can do is post on the internet and call talk radio to argue with the hosts who think we’re free people.

It’s nice to see hope abroad in the land again, but I wonder who will be to blame when human nature asserts itself and the manna shipments fall behind. Someone has to be blamed, after all. It’s not the task that’s a fool’s errand. It’s the fools who refuse to believe in the task.

This probably blows the boundaries on fair use, but METAPHOR frames this so well.

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Help, Help, He’s Being Repressed

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More Reading For Obama

Not that he’ll would understand….

Samuel told all the words of the LORD to the people who were asking him for a king. He said, ‘This is what the king who will reign over you will do: He will take your sons and make them serve with his chariots and horses, and they will run in front of his chariots. Some he will assign to be commanders of thousands and commanders of fifties, and others to plow his ground and reap his harvest, and still others to make weapons of war and equipment for his chariots. He will take your daughters to be perfumers and cooks and bakers. He will take the best of your fields and vineyards and olive groves and give them to his attendants. He will take a tenth of your grain and of your vintage and give it to his officials and attendants. Your menservants and maidservants and the best of your cattle and donkeys he will take for his own use. He will take a tenth of your flocks, and you yourselves will become his slaves. When that day comes, you will cry out for relief from the king you have chosen, and the LORD will not answer you in that day.

– 1 Samuel Chapter 8

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Obama Should Read This

A wise and frugal government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of the laborer the bread he has earned. This is the sum of good government. …” – Thomas Jefferson

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