No Kidding Sheep Dip Dunked Leftist

Get a liberal finally whining about something correctly but he still has to jab at conservatives. After talking quite a bit about how conservatives really are more generous than liberals he gets down to this:

So, you’ve guessed it! This column is a transparent attempt this holiday season to shame liberals into being more charitable. Since I often scold Republicans for being callous in their policies toward the needy, it seems only fair to reproach Democrats for being cheap in their private donations. What I want for Christmas is a healthy competition between left and right to see who actually does more for the neediest.

Callous in our policies toward the needy? Didn’t you just disprove that notion? We have personal policies towards the needy and think that the government should butt the hell out of something they do so poorly. The War on Poverty worked about as well as the War on Drugs has, and probably far worse. We know this is true because the Leftists are still whining about the poor.

The real reason that liberals want the government to take care of the poor is that they know that way they can force both the conservatives and the liberals to contribute, knowing full well that the conservatives will keep contributing on the side. If they do not do it that way then only the conservatives would be spending on relief for the poor and then where would the liberal compassion be focused?


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