Frickin’ Big Media Idiots

Corn not the answer to high gas prices?  Well, duh.  And you do not approve of the Federal Government’s solution?  Where the heck were you when we were opposing it?  Morons….

Corn isn’t going to replace gasoline. That may be the most important energy “discovery” in 2008. Corn displaces agricultural land normally used for food production and, according to one study, it takes about 28 gallons of water to produce enough biofuel from corn to push a car just one mile. Substitute water wars for gas wars.

That disappointment grew out of research that was dictated by funding. Washington thought corn was a good idea and that’s where a lot of research funds went. It should be the other way around. Let discoveries chart the course; let the funding follow. Stay fluid.

And this gem:

…how to lessen the damage we’re doing to the global climate system.

Blargh, double morons….


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