NY Times Funny Of The Day

This is hilarious:

The Japanese automakers broke into the American market in the 1970s by exporting small, high-quality, fuel-efficient vehicles during an energy crisis.

LOL! Mr. Vlasic, were you even alive back then? Fuel-efficient? Yes, given the lighter, under powered vehicles they produced. High-quality vehicles? Oh please! Datsuns came in three colors rusted, horribly rusted, and rust pile. The metal would last about six months before being perforated by reduction-oxidation. High-quality they were not. But that Japanese manufacturers did not just keep making crap, they adapted and overcame.

And now they have overcome the American automotive industry. Why? Because of the two factors that GM, Ford, and Chrysler cannot control in building cars, the unions and the government. When an autoworking union forklift operator makes $103,000 a year in the US while the average wage for forklift operators across the country is $26,000, then the government backed unions are going to kill the hell out of the auto industry. You can thank the draconian laws that permit the unions to operate the way they do for the collapse of this industry.

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