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Nolan On Wrestling Pigs In Mud

An interesting portion of an interview with The Dark Knight director, Christopher Nolan.


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The Threat Of Watermelons

Green on the outside, Red on the inside.  Watch for one in a position of power near you.  Is there any clearer evidence of the wisdom of the Founding Fathers in trying to structure a system that keeps the government genie in the bottle?  You’ve come a long way, baby!  Next stop, dictatorship!

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The Criminals Need Your Help

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Is Your Child In A Public School?

Then you must read this.  Do not let your child become a victim of the system.

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How Widespread Are Similar Mindsets?

Interesting article by Marc MacYoung:

There is a critically important point to understand about violent people. They are trapped in a world that is all about them. By this we don’t just mean they are egomaniacal, they very narcissistic in their world view (up to and including Narcissistic Personality Disorder among other things). All the average person sees is the violence. What you don’t see is the intense self-loathing, chronic anger, warped perceptions, fear, paranoia, blaming behavior and other demons that drive these people. And the reason you don’t see this is because they are either deeply hidden beneath layers upon layers of self-rationalization or because, at ground zero, you’re too busy experiencing the blast to see it clearly.

Now knowing this, it should be easier to understand that to such a personality how one “looks” if even more important than life itself. By looks, we don’t just mean physical appearance. We are talking how one appears in the eyes of others. Others who are — at least in the violent person’s worldview — always waiting to prey upon the first sign of weakness. If that person displays weakness, in his mind, he’s next on the dinner plate. As such they are hyper-sensitive to insults and loss of ‘face.’ Truth is, this program is always running, whether there are witnesses or not. However, if there are witnesses, this program is given an octane boost. In certain lifestyle, a ‘man getting his props’ (proper respects) is more important than his life.

He has some good advice.

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Can Obama Do No Wrong?

In the eyes of his followers? Mr. Fu says followers, because he has not seen any clear indication that anything Obama could do would disqualify him in their eyes. Bill Clinton enjoyed this kind of assumed infallibility from the Left. It is even more apparent in Obama’s movement.

One difference of note, conservative, restorative, and generally right of center people tend to want to hold people accountable, no matter what their position. There were Republicans that wanted Nixon investigated. Republicans like Duke Cunningham were not endlessly propped up by those who in general would support them. No Leftists do not hold their own to any standard other than loyalty to The Party.

For example, the Patriot Act. Many rightists are / were concerned about this powers included in this, as were many Leftists. But if this had been proposed by Bill Clinton, and indeed, similar items were, there would be little opposition from the Left.

So what would it take for Obama to be held accountable by the Left, including the media. Certainly not his participation in torpedoing our economy. Or his outright lies.  There is a danger in this lack of accountability.  The Left will defend him up until the point that he starts cutting their throats, and maybe even beyond that.  This cult of personality serves no one, not even Obama.  Not that he, or the Left, will ever see that.

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Heads Should Roll

ACORN and non-partisanship, yeah, right.  Why are we funding Obama’s campaign with tax-payer dollars?

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