Michelle Obama Confirms Barack’s Adoption By Foreigner And Makes An Odd Comment About Barack Being A Muslim

From a link at WorldNetDaily, African Press International reports that Michelle Obama confirms Barack’s adoption by his foreign step-father, Lolo Soetoro:

“He was born in Hawaii, yes, and that gives him all the right to be an American citizen even though he was adopted by a foreigner; says Michelle Obama on telefon to API.”

She also added some really comforting words about how Barack will deal with Muslims in light of Farakhan’s support:

On Farakhan and his ministry, Mrs Obama told API that it was unfortunate that Mr Farakhan came out the way he did supporting her husband openly before the elections was over. That was not wholehearted support but one that was calculated to convince the American people that my husband will support the growth of muslim faith if he became the president, adding “even if my husband was able to prove that he is not a Muslim, he will not be believed by those who have come out strongly to destroy his chances of being the next President. Do real people expect someone to deny a religion when 80 percent of his relatives are Muslims?; Mrs Obama asked.

Even if he was able to prove he is not a Muslim?  So Obama is not able to prove he is not a Muslim?  Couldn’t he say something nasty about Allah and Mohammed?  Draw a cartoon of Mohammed or something?  Mr. Fu wonders if the Secret Service would be called to investigate the death threats that would result from that?


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