Lessons Obama Never Learned

There are some benefits to having a World War II veteran for a father, and a WWII era mother to boot.  They know about tough times and how to get through them.  Something today’s liberals just cannot seem to comprehend, whine, whine, whine.  Try learning something from history pinkos!

No time to let loose!

Free speech…

For the Democrat Senators that torpeado intel assets, troops, and banks….

Okay, now days it’s Muslim terrorists, same message…

Would make a nice poster today if the date were changed.

Guess this gift just keeps on giving.

Too late, they are already dictating from Washington, just they’re not Japanese.

Some forgot by 9/13, others never will.

Along with Commie talk from our side that lowered morale.

Hmmmm, they’re doing that here now…

Well, some Americans, others today have not a clue what it is about.

It cost a lot, use it wisely….

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