On The Air!

SLAPSHOT was complaining that the bastard that runs Wilson Fu has not updated the site in a while. And he is completely right! So this post will begin to remedy the situation.

Wow, what a weekend! Mr. Fu missed THE KAT and CLONE RED (you too NURSE BETTY), but he had a fun weekend anyway. We had a good crew there for DragonCon: SLAPSHOT, DIM MAK, NEENJA, E-WIGGLER, BREAKER, ROJO CINCO, and even COVERT IN SEATTLE. It was great to meet DIM MAK’s gang from UTSI, great guys. Nothing like cramming six guys in a small hotel room to get to know each other a bit better. Mr. Fu had the chance to hang out with COVERT for a good chunk of Friday evening and most of Saturday morning (the part before 6 AM). Also got to spend time with SLAPSHOT, we hit the Shindig, a session on making katanas, a demonstration by the New York Jedi Stage Combat group, and the highlight of that evening, the Dr. Horrible Sing Along Blog show.

Mr. Fu played Mario, a fun experience. DIM MAK was in armor. BREAKER, ROJO CINCO, DIM MAK, and Mr. Fu in costume. Mario was joined by Luigi.

Hah, the Sesame Street Martian was awesome (origin video, too cool)!

NEENJA was driving, the first problem on returning home was a dead battery. Probably from the map light we left on while navigating in Atlanta. E-WIGGLER gave us a jump start on that. Then on the way back, the coolant level idiot light came on. We pulled into a gas station and checked under the hood. Looked like the water pump gasket had blown. Being in the middle of nowhere, two hours from home, we decided to try for a return to base. So we grabbed two gallons of water, topped off the coolant reservoir tank and headed out. The coolant level idiot light would trip about every 15 to 20 miles or so. We stopped numerous times to top off the coolant reservoir tank, and a couple to fill up one of the gallon jugs, holding one in reserve. We limped back to NEENJA’s apartment complex. A somewhat nervous return home, but a successful one. No word yet on the repair bill.

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