They Need A Lawgiver Too

Apparently not all sheister lawyers follow the sheister lawyer law, “Sheister lawyer shall not betray sheister lawyer.”  And some of them are upset about it.  They were all so impressed with John Edwards:

“He’s hard-working and a good family man. He comes from a humble background, which means he understands the rights of individuals and wants justice for everybody.”

Justice for everybody, yep, except for the parents who wanted to sue their doctors, but their child died.  Or the people in rural areas who need OBs now but cannot get one because the sheister lawyers have driven the malpractice insurance rates through the roof.  Oh, and increased the caesarian section rate through the roof too without lowering the rate of cerebral palsy one bit.

“He’s a sincere person, and that resonates here. He comes from a working-class background and is in touch with regular everyday folks.”

As we know most sincere people cheat on their terminally ill spouses and then send the spouse out to defend them against Ann Coulter.  And everyone with a working class background who lives in a 28,000 square foot house really knows how to stay in touch with everyday folks.  Especially after a $400 dollar haircut and a trip to LA to see the woman you are not seeing anymore.


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