Obama’s Two Great Advantages

Obama has two great powerhouses working for his team: Greed and Envy.  These two guys are the only hope Obama has of winning the election, because sound ideas are not his strong point.  Sure, he wants to “change” things.  But he wants to “change” things in ways that have already been proven failures here and elsewhere.  At most it represents “change” like in the old joke from World War I:

“Goods news men!  Today we all get a change of underwear and socks.  Johnson, change with Smith, Jones, change with Franklin……”

Yes, Big Oil made something like $80 billion in profits in the last year.  And their profit margin was what?  Nine percent or so?  That is not a great investment considering what you can get out of a decent S&P indexed mutual fund.  And if you cannot understand the difference between a profit and a profit margin, and why it means that Big Oil is not unfairly profiting, then you either need to study more, or you are an idiot.  If you think that Big Oil is making too much money then invest in Big Oil stock.  Otherwise keep your greed to yourself.

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