Those Killer Drones!

Mr. Fu expected more from the CSM, but when he reads, “An unmanned US predator drone killed a top Al Qaeda operative Monday…” cannot help thinking that the drone just got lucky.  Or that perhaps drones have gotten a lot smarter and can now tell the difference between a regular Egyptian guy and an Egyptian weapon maker.  That is some trick.

This is the kind of fuzzy headed writing that allows Leftists to conclude that “guns kill people.”  No, the sudden transfer of energy into a body kills people.  Like the sudden deceleration of someone falling from a great height onto the sidewalk, or the chemical energy to kinetic energy to projectile deceleration in a body energy transfer that is the essence of “guns kill people.”

An unmanned drone did not kill Abu Khabab, a US Air Force pilot controlling an armed, unmanned drone killed Khabab.  And with a nickname like Khabab it is just a matter of time before you get toasted.

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